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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Top Chef

The biggest problem with one of Bravo's biggest hits isn't Padma Lahksmi's pretension. Or Tom Colicchio's ego. Or the ridiculous Apple commercial which boasts "if you don't have an iPhone, you don't have an iPhone." Those things bother me for sure. The ad might piss me off the most. Love every Apple component ever created. But the transition from neat little gadget to corporate giant scares me a bit. I keep my antiquated Droid mainly out of spite. Please let other companies keep pace, maybe innovate. Otherwise I fear a world not unlike "Blade Runner.". Maybe with a twist of "Wall-E.". It's ok to want to have something for function, novelty. But when it starts trending toward "if you are one of us, you WILL buy one," I get a bit scared. Disregard my typing this on an iPad. No, I can make it through an episode dealing with those obstacles. I do get hungry though. And I am not even a foodie. When you have been eating as poorly as I've been, freshly prepared food looks purty good. Too bad I have no desire to get up and eat. I guess I would rather bitch about it. Looking forward to March Madness tomorrow. Must admit I am a little concerned with St Patrick's Day falling on the same day. I was proactive and hired a babysitter from 4 to 8. So, should anyone else want to play hooky tomorrow come find me at The Mason Jar ( And the more I look at my brackets I am convinced the Big East will fail. Please Lord bring me someone other than Kansas and Duke!!! Off to deal with a feigning sick child and a hungry stomach. Enjoy the hoops. Have a Guinness, or several along with me. After writing that sentence I am more convinced St Pats day on a 65 degree day tomorrow is a bad idea. Thinking I'm in for things seen I will be unable to unsee.

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