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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thanks Doctor.

I happen to like the lead pediatrician at my daughter's practice.  Her annual examinations are thorough, informative, and worth every minute.  She promotes wellness and addresses mental development as much as physical development.  I am not alone.  The waiting list for wellness visits is about 6 months. 

The rest of the practice has begun to piss me off.  After our second trip to their offices in 4 days yesterday we were once again sent  home sans drugs.  My daughter is, for the most part, very healthy.  She had strep throat a few times this winter.  Not unusual and it would have been only once had they prescribed the correct meds from day 1.  Other than that no other illnesses in what I will always remember as the worst winter ever.

I explained, calmly, that she woke up with a 102 degree fever (4th straight day) and her cough has worsened.  It does not keep her awake, but 4 days of fever seems crazy, right?  The Dr. re-assured me this is not that crazy.  Some fevers and viruses have been lingering this long he said.  Her lungs sounded good and there was no sign of infection.  If the fever persists please have her come in Wednesday and we can do an chest x-ray, elsewhere.  More wait and see. 

Today she is home, again, and not any better than yesterday.  I am not at work again and she will most likely get the x-ray tomorrow.  She had a fever this morning so school looks like a wash, maybe for the week.  Why the reluctance to get the x-ray yesterday???  What would it have hurt?  And why not treat with an antibiotic in the off chance it has turned into an infection???  If it is viral and she receives treatment for infection is it that harmful???

I had the same damn illness last week and got my z-pack and moved on.  I am sure I had a virus but this course of treatment prevented me from infecting others and got me back among the living.   I understand the reluctance to prescribe drugs to kids.  I get that we do not need them reliant on antibiotics.  But can you take your head out of the laptop and see this girl take 1, maybe 2 prescriptions a year??  She is a healthy, active girl.  This is not a junkie faking illness.  I would even suggest she prefers school to staying home.  There are only so many bad movies and youtube videos she can watch.  And the worst thing is me or my wife going over schoolwork/homework at the end of the day.  No one wins there!!!

The juggling continues.  I have already agreed to head in tomorrow and my wife will be on home patrol.  Xrays and a return trip to the doctor await, which was inevitable anyway.  More money and time given to medical professionals.   Brutal, sad and frustrating to say the least. 

At least the doctor never mentioned me not doing drugs...  cause I am not sure I can get through much more of this without them.

And I know it could be worse...  could be in a HR orientation listening to what I can and can't say to women and people of color.  Good grief.  Remind me to NEVER work for a company with an HR department.

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