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Friday, March 4, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

Still very much 9.12 in my every day life.  The simple basketball pick-up games come into question each time I attempt them.  "Are you really going to play hoops?  With whom?  Where?"

I get it.  And sometimes the games will have to go on without me.  Or, as was the case last night, I will have to bail after 1 game.  A shame really, but only myself to blame.  However, my inability to play defense, run the floor, pass effectively and even look like I know what I am doing, is a guilty pleasure.  I know my game is weak.  I know, after putting the ball down for 15 years or so, I am the world's laziest 2 guard.  However, when 5 men are working their fat asses off trying hard to beat their opponents...  it is as good as it gets.  Nevermind I am one injury away from never playing again.  Nevermind I badly injured an ankle a few years back and I never heard the end of it.  No fewer than 3 friends tore Achilles tendons within the past few years.  It is a calculated risk for sure.  But if history has been any indication of present behaviors...  I would like to keep playing.  Ok, play badly.  Least I can make a few shots here and there.  And I am all world shit talker.

Having an 8 year old daughter can be quite enlightening.  Although she was never one for fads (save for High School Musical, which she adored for about 2 weeks) she does like new pop music.  So, I tend to listen to a bit of Hits 1 on Sirius radio.  Since I drive all the time I do hog the radio knob.  There is only so much Adult Alternative an 8 year old should listen to.  It is a little sad that she can sing along to several Ryan Adams songs, and Chris Isaac, and Lucinda Williams.  I mix in the 80's too, which she likes.  Thought is was an ode to dad when she downloaded Cutting Crew a few months back.  But Hits 1 can be a refreshing change of pace.  I know all the Katy Perry and Lady Gaga songs.  Not a fan of "Born this Way," but would watch the video on a continuous loop.  Lately, she has gotten me into Bruno Mars "Grenade."  After his performance at the Grammy's I paid closer attention.  He can indeed bring it.  Maybe I like the fact that he has a weed arrest/trial pending.  I feel that gives him an added credibility.  In any event, the song's lyrics are so campy and goofy I am strangely compelled.  Truth be told the verses are boring as hell.  But when he breaks down the chorus...  "Step in front of a train for ya..."  I am hooked.

Usher's dance song "DJ's got us falling in love again" has the same effect on me.  Earlier in the week we had a brief break from the worst winter ever.  I was able to drive downtown with, dare I say, the windows open.  I had this song on at a decibel level that might have raised some eyebrows.  Hence, guilty pleasure.  Realizing someone might see/hear me jamming to this lady tune I quickly turned down the volume and rolled up the windows.  Then I promptly went to the salon for a pedi and eyebrow wax.

Justin Townes Earle's "Harlem River Blues" also is on my radar.  Bluesy and spiritual all at once, with the the Upper West Side as its muse, Mr. Earle's song is the definition of dichotomy.  Again, having been through some tough times in and around the NYC area I might be a bit biased.  But I trust you shall not be disappointed when searching it out on the interweb.

Cultural Rants:
Thought it fascinating that BYU dismissed their leading rebounder, Brandon Davies the other day. One week removed from entering the top 5 because it was determined he broke the school's conduct code, and got laid.  Now, call me crazy, but BYU done lost its effin mind.  I understand they have rules in place.  I understand Joseph Smith himself would bitch slap this boy if he were still around.  But, can you let your team advance into March and then cut him/have him transfer once the season is over.  What now of Jimmer Fredette?  Here is arguably the greatest scorer in the college game today now looking at a one and done appearance in the NCAA's.  New Mexico came into to Provo last night and laid a beatdown on the Mormons.  So, from being on top of the world one minute to being a laughingstock.  And, for what?  College sophomore wanted a taste.  Let's think for a moment if every college in America had that rule.  Right, there would be no fucking games.  Least this boy was gettin all book smart and stuff.  He has a libido at 20?  Um, yeah, that's called normal.   This is a not an average player on an average team.  Davies will be missed for sure.  School officials took a legitimate team and made them jokes.  Ok, more of a joke.  Any school that wants to limit what a young man can do in his personal life IS and always WILL BE kidding itself.  OK, it's cool to marry 7 women once you have done your training?  Excuse me, I think if you are going to have that kind of responsibility a head start should be a requirement.  Thanks for playing BYU.  Have fun losing to the 11th Big East seed to get in.

Finally, I saw a headline earlier regarding shopping carts.  I would never read the entire article because the headline was something like "72% of carts have fecal matter on them."  Now what the hell???  Can that possibly be true?  Do people just not wash their hands or am I missing every toddler in creation shitting in carts???  Seriously, we can do better.  I swear we are a mere decade away from ending up as some amalgam of current New Delhi and Blade Runner x 10.  Countdown to end times starts....   now.

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