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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Dog Skip... the little prick

My Dog Skip was a movie that had never been on my radar. Wishing very hard that it had remained that way. And curse you too iPad, and Netflix on iPad. Give an 8 year old some freedom and wireless streaming entertainment and next thing you know I am in the midst of tear fest. Here I thought it was a great idea to let the magical Wii broadcast the dramatic conclusion. Let's all have some family time. Soon, war hero Kevin Bacon and his son Malcolm from Malcolm in the Middle, are fighting civil rights, emotional scarring, moonshining bandits and the love of a dog in 50s Mississippi. And damn it if the Skip the dog doesn't take a spade to the head. Great, I get to see the tearful bedside vigil. Quickly I have to google if the little prick makes it. Thank god he does, but we fast forward to Malcolm going off to college. He is an only child. He waxes poetic about the joys of having his dog as his lifelong companion. The narration is so sugary sweet it makes my resistance to a canine in this house all he more selfish and ugly.

But I argue the opposite... Can we really invest all this love and attention to something that will die and break our hearts??? Skip ended up all alone on Malcolm's bed. Life moved on and left poor Skip to die. The good times were but memories clouded by the grim hand of death. Is that what I want to get into right now? I guess. But let the record show I have my reservations.

Odds and ends:
Can meterologists please give me the 5 day forecast for my area and end it? I need not know the barometric system building in East Texas. No concern at all about Midwest lake effect. Tell me what to expect at 8am, noon, 5pm, and nightime in greater NYC area. I understand the weather elsewhere causes weather here. That is assumed. Just give me the numbers monkey and move on. I would propose getting rid of the forecast altogether, but I don't want to eliminate jobs. But, in reality, newscasts could flash a 10 second graphic before commercial breaks detailing what to expect. Shit, they do it for the Dow and NASDAQ. Last I checked hose things were as important as what bad sweater or shirt I decide to wear.

And what is the deal with the Charmin adds with the bears?? First, I have to suspend disbelief and accept there are pink bears. And as far as I can tell these are not the pink bears you might find on Christopher St. Clearly they are in the wild. They have a nice pad in an idyllic countryside. Naturally, after they sit their fat asses on what can only be the biggest toilet ever, toilet paper sticks to their nasty, pink fur. I think back to an old Seinfeld special... "Who are the add wizards that came up with that???". I just don't understand how that gets me to buy their product. I may have thrown up a bit in my mouth thinking about it. The bears I know shit in the woods with reckless abandon. And then they go to chat roulette for hours at a time. As for Seton Hall... Thugs and underachievers at the very best. I like Coach Willard and the direction the team is headed. But after a week that saw them beat St Johns and Marquette I needed to see a better effort today. Bright side though... my Hall friend gave up his tix for Friday's semifinals. Love when someone's loss is my gain. Oops, didn't mean to write that. On a therapy night too... Scandalous.

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