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Monday, March 7, 2011

Feeling like Ziggy

Monday's can be bad enough. Today was no exception. It began with the frantic rush to get out the door by 7:45am. Today we were responsible for taking our neighbor to school too. She arrived around 7:20. After they were settled and eating breakfast I made sure the trash and recycling were curbside. A quick dash to Starbucks to get the morning caffeine. Back in time to rally the troops and be on our way. School drop-off was uneventful. We race to the commuter lot to make the 8am. Hair still wet and underdressed I curse myself for not checking the weather. Elfin cold and windy out. PA rings out on the New Jersey Transit platform... Train is late 10 minutes naturally.

The work day is a big question mark. We have a job installing that has my fingerprints all over it. You guessed it. Big problems. First, our end user gave us the wrong number so my men are wandering around an NYC hospital aimlessly. Then, turns out I had the custom Corian countertop made incorrectly. The sink cut out was supposed to be in the center, not the left. Now I have to deal with contractors and end-users to make sure we can move on. We can, for a price. I eat shit for it and try to make the best out of an awful situation.

Quick walk to another job site is fruitless as the space is not ready to be measured. Back to the office, but wait, gotta stop off at furniture dealer to pick up sample. Diverted there a while with job updates, project questions, and other assorted conversations. No food yet as it nears 2pm.

The office is a blur. Must put out several emails detailing the issues at the hospital. Print them and file them away so I can be covered for future fuck ups. I do get around to some new business. 4 quotes pounded out in the span of 20 minutes. That makes me feel somewhat productive. Miss the 2:13 train though. Why the rush?? Dentist appointments at 4pm for myself and daughter. I get the last quote done and race out the door in an effort to get the 2:35. Gotta get train tickets too. Ouch, $99 for 9 tickets. And we will have to buy more before weeks end.

There is one major detriment to the early train: local stops. Great I can get out early, I guess. But over an hour later I am in my town. I race to pick up my daughter. I apologize for not getting her sooner. She complains she is hungry. She doesn't want to go to the dentist. I apologize again and explain no one EVER wants to go to the dentist. We arrive exactly at 4 and spend the next hour getting cleaned and overall good marks. No cavities, but $400 lighter.

Her patience deserves a happy meal. By now she is starving. 12 chicken nuggets later we are home. I leave her home for 10 minutes so I can pick up T from the train. I shovel some leftover macaroni and cheese as I leave. Finally some food. Back home there is some quick studying and then a half assed attempt to make dinner. Fail. Hot dogs and frozen vegetables does not a dinner make. Have no real food though so it will have to do.

But as the dust settles a vibe is felt. And I know that feeling. It is one sentence that puts it all in perspective: "I look at your face and I feel disgusted.". I get that. Just hurts hearing it.

I hate Mondays.

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