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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Ides of March clearly upon us

How else can I explain the endless parade of peril that define my Tuesday.  First, I have a $1000 bill for my surgical procedure that I need to address.  Second, the Mrs is looking at 7 fillings for her teeth over the next month...  $1,300 at the very least.  I attempted a toy purge earlier in the day and feel I got no where.  I filled one garbage bag but the basement and garage were not touched.  I would love to throw together a yard sale but can't fathom haggling on a Spring Saturday.  Can I outsource the yard sale and take a percentage?  Dare I try Ebay (  Could it be that hard?

I have a daughter who is pestering me for a hoop on our garage.  That requires paving the driveway to make it ideal.  Figure another 3 to 4k right?  And the winter's snow destroyed our fence.  We should probably tear it down and start anew.  Thoughts on prices there?  Whatever.  If it is $100 it is not in the budget.

Gotta start thinking about summer camps too.  We have 1 week down, but the rest of the summer is in limbo.  I know we have 2 weeks vacation scheduled, which is not paid for yet.  Will cross that bridge when I can.

At the present time I have a few dinners going.  Put together some homemade chili I have no desire to eat.  Got chicken and mac and cheese for the little one.  She is content and vegging out to ICarly.  Once she is done we can study for Science and Social Studies tests.  Oh wait, gotta do therapy at 6:30 too.  Shit, the day is getting away from me.   Thankfully I do not sleep so maybe I can watch some NCAA hoops around 10.  What's that?  Biggest Loser night?  Forgot.  Ok, I can go over my bracket one last time before submitting.

Ouch, someone sounds like a whiny bitch, huh?

But while I am at it I have some thoughts.  First, Charles Barkley had NO business sitting in on the NCAA selection show Sunday night.  He could not be understood.  And I do not mean his "expertise" regarding the college game.  I literally mean I did not understand a word he was saying.  And this is a guy I can barely take on NBA broadcasts.  Not that I watch him there either.  But is CBS that poorly staffed they have to outsource NBA analysts to critique the brackets.  I don't even want to get started on Kenny Smith.

And enough of the UAB/VCU vs Virginia Tech/Colorado debate.  Every year teams are going to get in that are beyond questionable.  Similarly, teams are left out unfairly.  You know what?  Who cares???  If Colorado wanted to play in the tournament they could win the Big 12 tourney.  Same with Va Tech.  Go out and win games.  When you leave the deciding to AD's who haven't competed in decades, these things happen.  Computers and opinions and kickbacks have as much to do with this process as wins and losses.  So, next year when March rolls around Seth Greenberg, go out and win the ACC.  Then you leave no doubt come selection Sunday.

As for the brackets, I am as clueless as I have ever been.  I let my 8 year old fill out a sheet and I am pretty confident she will do as well, if not better than me.  Like last year I am going with (3) 1 seeds.  Louisville is my representative from the Southwest, with Duke, Ohio St and Pitt rounding out the 4.  I have Pitt and Jamie Dixon's squad finally putting it together and winning it all over OSU.  Safe and predictable I know.  But after living a reckless life the past few months maybe this is a good thing.

I know this, the first Thursday and Friday of the tournament is some of the best drama on tv.  I look forward to getting it going.  Good luck with your picks.  Easy to join some free ones if you have 10 minutes.  Check out these links to get going...

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