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Friday, March 18, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

I could go on and on about March Madness, and how the first weekend remains the most fascinating thrilling during the calendar year.  I think I have made that clear the pat few days.  There are ways to enhance the thrill.  My first guilty pleasure stands out.

It tastes good.  You could do a whole bunch worse calories wise.  There are only 126 calories in a 12 ounce draught bottle.  So, feel free to drink 8 or 9 and enjoy a steak dinner.  Just make sure that is your only meal of the day.  If, for some reason, you want to dig into leftover Chinese food around 11pm... try brushing your teeth and going to bed.  Wouldn't hurt to get a workout in right after your 5:30am alarm goes off.  And remember, do what I say, not as I do.  And I had a cousin tell me yesterday I wasn't authentic because Guinness is made in Canada.  That's just stupid.  We know where the recipe comes from.  Can we give the Irish some credit please?  If my mom made her sauce overseas using the same ingredients would it taste different??  These are the hazards of social networking.  I post an innocuous Facebook message about getting ready to drink Guinness...  she posts the dumb Canada comment...  and I obsess about it.  Fact is, if you have the time to sit and watch hoops this weekend, enjoy a nice Guinness.  Judging by the warm weather we have today. Spring is coming.  Take one more sip of Winter before sending it on its way.

Chris Hitchens on "60 Minutes."  If you have 10 minutes please take a look at this segment which aired a few weeks ago  I do not profess to be a reader, not have I read any of Mr. Hitchens books.  However, his bravery and downright bullish attitude regarding his cancer struggles is a lesson in guts.  Not to mention he drink Johnny Walker Red like it's water, even during chemo treatments.  Throw in his anti-religious, anti-left, insight and you have one complex, interesting man.  I wish him well on his recovery and hope, once mature enough, I might read one of his books.  I know, doubtful.

Perhaps because the bad name defines everything, Middle Class Rut's "New Low" is a song you must download.  A little angry and a little sweet, it has the tinge of 90's acts Fuel and Local H.  Limited chord progression but a nice, catchy chorus sung with intensity by lead singer Zack Lopez.  Sean Stockham is the only other member of the California based band.  Take a look

Another California band, Young the Giant. has put a number in my head I can't get enough of.  "My Body", shares some sensibilities with "New Low." Big vocals from Sameer Gadhia, sweet guitar riffs and a driving bassline bring this hit to life.  Thinking once you hear it once you will go back for more.

Finally, in celebration of St Pats Day and all things Irish, take a look at Two Door Cinema Club.  Another band that relies less on complex song structure, but rather quick, neat hooks and airy vocal arrangements.  Think Belle and Sebastian meets Phoenix.  As the warm weather approaches the Suburban Man would turn heads listening to this while cleaning up the front lawn.  Not sure if you would get flirtatious attention from men or women.  But, I am always a believer in "all press is good press."

A few options to introduce you:  "What you Know"

"Something Good Can Work"

Was able to enjoy some bar living yesterday in New York.  Today, an impromptu overnight trip to Philadelphia.  Whether Old City, Rittenhouse Sq, South St...  Philadelphia remains a source of happiness.  And I hate every Philly sports team!!!  The City is down to Earth, blue collar, and quiet.  I know it gets a bad rap from the folks around here.  They think Philly and snowballs raining down on Santa enter their head.  Or the MOVE fires.  Or North Philly and its crime.  Maybe piers falling into the Delaware.  But New Yorkers tend to forget Mott Haven in the Bronx exists.  Or Crown Heights.  There are some dangerous and underperforming sections in EVERY city.  I will try to focus on the positive for a change.

Very unlike me.  See you later @

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