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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday nights alright for?

I have may reasons to be embarrassed. Tonight, watching Pitt lose to Butler, I can add a new item to the list. My 8 year old daughter has filled out a better bracket than me. The Big East is officially overrated. Jamie Dixon cannot win the big game. Meanwhile, I am battling flu-like symptoms and drowning in a sea of sorrows. There is nothing worse than fever as an adult. Tried hard to get sleep last night, but to no avail. Good to be out of town, and Philadelphia is always a joy. But, with the NCAA wrestling Championships in town our hotel was overrun with cauliflower eared merrymakers. Add the fact we were near and elevator... Ugh. The question becomes... Does the Suburban Man need pharma to get through the night? For that matter, does he need it throughout the day? Where does caffeine fit in? I am up to 2, sometimes 3 bold Starbucks coffees a day. No milk. Sometimes a shot of espresso is added. That can't be good for me. Or my teeth. Now the serious questions. Beer a day bad? How about 2 or 3? Weed? Certainly not daily, right? And what of sleeping aids? I have some friends suggesting Xanax, or Ambien. Not sure I want to go down that road. But, as my sister noted how many gray hairs were falling to the floor as she cut them... I began rethinking my health habits. I have morphed into an aging, sad man. There has to be some remedy. Eating well and exercise married with serious narcotics. Maybe I started this all too soon. My head is spinning as it is. I know for certain I do not understand why critics love The Strokes. I know I want to hate Kings of Leon and Arcade Fire, but I can't. I know I feel a little dirty for watching Avril Lavigne videos. I know it's late animi tired but I'm scared to lay down. Never had a problem sleeping before and unsure what to do. Ride it out and stay awake all night? Bad tv and Internet could certainly occupy my mind until morning. Nope, I will make the attempt cold, like all the nights prior. But I'm open for suggestions. And I promise... No more fever induced posts.

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