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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

Since my film watching has taken a hit during the past few weeks,  I can only really discuss music these days.  I did watch "The Goonies" with my sick daughter yesterday, but that hardly counts.  But for the record that movie has not aged well.  I knew there was a reason I avoided it when I was a kid.  Spielberg got a pass on that one.  Funny, as she walked through the video store she seemed drawn to his work.  Her other choice was "Jaws."  She told her mother she missed the ride at Universal.  It was about time she knew where the ride was derived.  Strangely she laughed her way through that movie, not scared at all.

Since she is ill now I am toying with taking her to a movie tonight.  Is 8 too young for "Limitless?"  "Suckerpunch?"  Dreading the fact I will have to sit through "Diary of a Wimpy Kid."  Maybe I can load up on cough syrup prior to screening.

I have been told my anthem these days should be Fences' "Girls with Accents ( ."  The band, a Seattle project headed up by Christopher Mansfield, is rather new to the music world.   This song caught my attention not so much for its fine craftsmanship or intricate stroytelling.  Rather, it was the profane and addictive chorus which speaks volumes to any Suburban Man unable to make even the easiest decision.  Sure it's bad to play a song with the F word littered throughout to your 8 year old daughter.   But I am not about to edit profanity when she laughs at Jaws eating people.  The damage is already done.  

New Zealand's The Naked and Famous might be trying to supplant Flight of The Conchords for best New Zealand import.  Their "Young Blood"( pays its debts to Men Without Hats with some nifty, modern beats.  As is the case with Fences, this band is in its infancy.   Their 80s keyboard sound has been all the rage these days...  see The Limousines, MGMT, Phoenix, etc...  This is a song that has some lasting power.  I am ok with one hit wonders for sure.  I root for more hits, but I will judge one at a time.   My judgment says go download it.

Maybe because I bring no money into my house, I find Fitz and the Tantrum's "Moneygrabber (" a fun little novelty song.  Here is yet another new LA act, influenced on soul and led by singer/organist Michael Fitzpatrick.  Fitz has a big voice and as much I tried to ignore or discount this song, it grabbed me.  It helps, or hurts after a while, that Sirius radio has format problems with it.  Is it Alternative?  Is it Adult Contemporary?  Pop?  Apple ran an ad with it so I guess that means it is  ubiquitous.  It's good clean fun that will be sure to irritate after a short while.  And I have heard others by the band that have not wowed me for sure.  Another one hit wonder?  Who cares?  That will still make the score 1 for them and 0 for me.  

I dropped this link without any words the other day...  so just a reminder please take a look, listen to Lykke Li's "Get Some ."  The young (born in 1986, ugh.) Swedish singer has had a few years of success.  This drum driven, sexually charged number is a real gem.  Enjoy.

All this music talk has me wanting to hear and/or buy more.  Concert season coming up w/ 4 shows on the schedule.  4.14 Wye Oak/Caveman @ Bowery, 4.29 Joy Formidable @ Webster Hall, 6.4 Jimmy Eat World @ Wellmont and 6.14 Decemberists in Brooklyn's Prospect Park.

Hope to see ya'll there.

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