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Monday, March 21, 2011

Catholics v Convicts

At some point I began questioning the benefits of Catholic education versus Public.  Having gone through the Catholic indoctrination myself, along with my wife, we were pretty confident this was the right call.  Our daughter tends to be a pain in the ass when it comes to clothes.  Uniforms make that easy.  They have tag days which allow them to dress however they want sometime (within reason.)  On a few occassions she opted to wear the uniform rather than participate.  On one of those occassions there was tears and yelling wondering why she couldn't wear torn sweats and a hoodie.  Pretty sure the school wasn't casting for a young Eminem that day.  And you are a girl!!!  My wife still gives me a hard time after I called her N Degeneres at a school concert.  She was the ONLY girl K thru 8 in pants.  And the dresses these young ladies wear are beyond feminine.  I love that we have a free spirit and true individual.  Uniforms: Pro.

The other selling point were the sacraments.  Baptism was doen through some checks and a few classes.  We were new to town and had to "join" the Parish.  You pay enough and sit through their teachings anyone can join.  Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation are entirely different animals.  I knew if she were in Public schools we would never be dilligent enough to do CCD or any after school religious enlightenment.  If it is all under the 8 to 3 school umbrella, that would be acceptable.  To date, this has been the case.  There were some Sunday sitdowns for Communion last year, but nothing out of hand.  Again, sign the checks and all is good.  Sacraments: Pro.

Money was never a huge selling point.  We had been paying for full time daycare since she was 18 months.  That bill was at least $1,000 a month year round.  Figure, $4k for 9 months and juggle the summer with some camps and grandmama and the costs would be nominal at best.  Not to mention, the costs of clothes to keep up with those(read:all) more fortunate would drive the public costs higher.  That ties into uniforms but you get the drift.  Finances: Push

The perils of home blogging...  had good stuff in my head 2 hours ago when I started.  Then dinner, and then the studying, which started me on this rant to begin with.  I never remember my parents studying with me, ever.  Here my wife and I are spending a solid hour going over mystery vocabulary words, and eggs and embryos and finally, a big CON, Religion.

What is a vocation?  vow?  Tell me what Holy Orders are?  Here is where I may have some issues.  My daughter has not mastered the times tables, which by now should be automatic.  Maybe Religion class can be during the sacrament years only?  Is that pushing it?  When we are learning essential math facts maybe now isn't the best time to fill her brain with vows and vocations.  Hell I would like her to have gym and art more than Religion.  Not bloody likely at a Catholic School though, is it?  This is a rather large problem.

So in two nights we send our precious child to another math tutor.  We were told this is a cost effective and better way for her to learn.  Should it work maybe I will give it a plug.  And the debate wages on.  Is this the best education we can provide?  Should we consider the public option?

Yeah you're right.  New Jersey Catholic Schools have the better basketball programs.

Advantage: Catholics.

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