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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Introducing Lelica (and her music spotlight)

Hi! My name is Lelica (Laleesa) and I am a local NJ Singer/Songwriter. For the last 5 years, I have performed all over the tri-state (NJ, CT, and NY) area and beyond. A few years ago I was signed to an indie record label (names omitted .) A few songs I recorded with that label appeared on a few ABC Family Channel programs.  That experience taught me countless and priceless pieces of information on the do's and don'ts of the ever changing music industry.   Most importantly I realized that I needed to be free in order to truly follow my heart.  I left said label in the beginning of 2011.   Since then I have been busy recording, self-releasing and performing my own original music to everyone and anyone who would listen. I've played dive bars where no one claps or pays attention.   I've played street fairs under an awning.  I've played standing on the sidewalk.  I've also been fortunate enough to play the biggest venue of my life, the Ohio State Fair's Main Street Stage (with the incredibly talented B.D. Lenz All Star Band-  Best of all I sold more CDs in one place than I ever had before.  And I am having fun doing it!!!

I've realized that the older I get, the stigma of 'being too old for this industry' weighs heavilly on my heart. I now understand that more than wanting recogition and/or fame for doing what I love, is the ability to take music that greatly influences my daily life and share it with others.  My goal is to bring an artist to an audience who appreciates raw talent and is often overlooked and overshadwed by main stream techno/pop mindless garbage. Whether you agree with my feelings on the artists I talk about or not, my hope is that you are able to find musicians that you might not have otherwise heard of, or might have forgotten about.  Without further adieu let's begin.

Lelica's Music Spotlight:

Regina Spektor: Born in Russia to a musically inclined family, she moved around Europe as a child and teenage before her family finally settled in the Bronx. Studying classical piano and completing a  4 year studio composition program, Spektor admits that most songs she writes she doesn't even actually write down on paper.  Maybe the most relatable note to Spektor  is that she says the songs just seem to flow to her.  That is a feeling I can most certainly understand.  I almost too often find myself in the middle of a work day running to hide in the bathroom to compose a song and record it into my phone, or jump out of the shower to write or record something down as I'm making things up while shampooing my hair.  Sometimes the best songs just seem to flow effortlessly, subconciously even.

I came across Regina Spektor for the first time after watching one of my favorite movies, 500 Days of Summer. A little off topic,  but YES even though this is a chick flick, its one that I think would appeal to a lot of people.  It is both artistic and entertaining.   It works mostly because it deviates from the standard romantic comedy.  The backline of the story has life, meaning, and purpose.   Boy meets girl, girl falls in love with boy, chases him around and finally gets him to settle down in the end.  Most romantic comedies follow minute by minute predicitability that lacks substance.  Anyway, back on topic, Regina Spektor's songs, 'Us' and 'Hero' were featured on its soundtrack.  'Hero' in particular comes into a particular scene in the movie where reality hits the lead character played by Joseph Gordon Levitt. Her songs are very dramatic, deep and different. Going against the grain, you will not find that her music sounds like anything you've heard of before.  Originality these days can be very refreshing.   I personally get sucked into her songs because of her ability to be emotional and vulnerable.  When I hear 'Hero' it takes me back to the feeling I had for the lead character when all reality hits and his world comes crashing down around him in that movie.  'Samson' by Regina Spektor, is another sentiment to her emotional capability of story telling through her music.  She admits most of her songs are not autobiographical but often drawn from characters and scenarios created from her imagination.  Whether you get sucked into her music as I do, or just enjoy hearing something that is above and beyond the normal pop sound streaming out of your top 40 radio stations, I think you'll find that Regina Spektor is a thoughtful singer/songwriter who deserves more recognition than she's gotten thus far.  It's not everyday when a musician comes on the scene writing riffs and melodic chords with a piano. Instead of picking up a guitar, I personally feel that a piano can bring so much more depth and meaning to a song. Although I write songs using my old America upright piano I'd call myself more of a piano-plunked than an experienced pianist like Regina Spektor. Her use of the piano makes me love her music even more.

To Wit:

Us  So very good.

Fidelity  Her biggest commercial hit.

You Don't Know Me At All  Her backing Ben Folds.  Great stuff

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