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Saturday, March 12, 2011

St Patrick's Day Parade

It always amazes me just how many drum and pipe bands exist.  After another trip to the Morristown St Patrick's Day parade, I am still blown away.  I must have seen a half dozen before we left.  And I know for sure there are another few parades within 100 miles of here.  Men and women. Young adults and the geriatric.  Hell, I saw some young teenagers twirling fuzzy drumsticks and fingering bagpipes.  Where do they come from?  I get there are a shit ton of Irish folk.  But am I so far removed that I ignore their existence.  Not to mention the 2(!!!???) Irish School's for Dance that marched.  And they were both local.  There was even an Irish Dog Kennel "Erin Go Bark."

Pretty sure NJ's biggest supporter of teachers, Chris Christie walked.  I could not see him, which surprised me given his size.  Can I really trust Christie as my State's leader.  The man cannot take care of himself.  I understand he is probably more representative of the American public than, say me.  But can you mix a salad in once in a while?  Mean to tell me Drumthwacket transformed the gym into a study once McGreevy left office??  He just looks ill to me.  It was good he was walking a bit today.  And I saw he walked some flooded areas yesterday.   Maybe in the spring he can start training for a marathon.  Otherwise here is a man picking fights with cops and firefighters, teachers and union stronghands NOT taking care of his body.  Wouldn't the play be to go all Christian Bale in "Dark Knight?"  Late night workouts, minimalist meals and no sleep are mandatory.  When you go to war you best bring some physical game.  Think of who you are going after?  And their numbers and influences???

Fitting then that the loudest cheer was for the Guinness mascot.  Yes, bigger then the Vietnam War Vets, or police and firemen.  Don't get me wrong, I loves me some Guinness.  But even I understand many died for me to haves me some.  

There are certainly Irish among us.  And I guess for now, I won't be scared.  In fact, I plan on partying with some later.  Wish me well.

Suburban Man Notices:

Muhammad al-Gaddafi:  Don't think for a second you fooled me. Christchurch, New Zealand was pretty cool.  You flew under the radar on that.  An audacious earthquake that destroyed a nation.  Maybe it was just a warmup.  But I knew your hands were dirty then, and I know so now.  How do you do it though?  What is the technology you are using??  Whatever it is you do it well.  By bringing Japan, and consequently the World, to its knees with this horrific earthquake, most have forgotten about Libya.  Not me brother.  I see you killing civilians.  I see you booking Botox appointments.  I see you buying new baggy threads.  Shame on you and stop it.  

Big East Basketball:  Listen, I am a MIchigan fan.  I can't wait to watch The Fab 5 tomorrow on ESPN.  But the Big East clearly stands out as the best basketball conference in America.  Getting the chance to watch Kemba Walker was an absolute pleasure.  Also served as a good reminder to my daughter to never give up.  6 point leads with 40 seconds can go away.  Reminded me of last week's Louisville v West Virginia Game, which saw Louisville spit the bit down the stretch.  Mainly because the coaches are legends, the teams iconic, and the talent immeasurable.  I did not have a horse in the race in the Garden last night, but I felt the intensity.  In fact I hate UConn and Louisville.  Not gonna stop me from watching.  At this point in my life bring me some fire.  Give me a kid who wants nothing more than to beat you.  No contracts.  No shoe deals.  Perhaps still on 1st marriage, under 3 kids.  Just being tough and going after it.  Raw talent nurtured by skilled teachers.  Sorry if I don't get that from Duke/UNC.  Or Florida/Kentucky.  Or Kansas/Texas.  Those programs might produce this years champion.  And that will not alter my opinion one bit.

And a quick note about Madison Sq Garden.  It's a special place for sure.  But when you are in the 400 section luxury it ain't.  Damp, warm and a bit smelly describes much of it.  The arena too.  Obviously it is tough to reconfigure/redesign a place that is in use all year.  But I ain't dying to go back to the World's most famous arena.  Even if Lady Gaga tickets open up...  

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