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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Social Media and the Pandemic- are you doing it right?

I was guilty of too much screen time before all this nonsense hit.  I have been reluctant to post much for the past several years.  But I would be lying if I said I wasn't aware of whats happening on my friends' feeds.  Wake up- scroll.  Have a snack- scroll.  Catch up on emails- scroll.

And now this?  Scroll.  Scroll.  Scroll.

So this won't be one of those feel good or emphatic posts.  Fact is, how can I provide a guideline of any sorts when we all vacillate between some rules to no rules at all.

However, I am still kind of an asshole.  So I am gonna point out a couple things that have, lets say, antagonize me.

First, politicizing Covid-19  isn't helping anyone or anything.   Every 30 year old + human on the planet has some sort of online profile by now.  We need not do homework on where you stand as it pertains to our government.  There are camps that blame this mess on China, and the caliphate, and all things anti-"Big American Industrial Machine."

Side note- if you are 30 and do not have an online profile you can assume the government has a file (probably pretty large) on you.

The opposite side will inundate you with graphs, charts and Washington Post/New York Times articles until you mercifully block them or buy in to Trump as "anti-christ."

They are both right- and oh so wrong.

Because right about now no one gives a fuck.

We wanna know how we are gonna afford to put food on the table.  More importantly, we wonder  where to procure the food and will there be anything left?

And let me be clear,  I can be persuaded about how the government's reaction was slow.  Catch me in the right mood (its usually 4am) and maybe I will like your offensive meme.  But I probably read or saw the same damn thing you posted days before!  More importantly, I am capable of forming my own opinion.

Did I mention the scrolling?  We are all OVER informed at best.  And probably a little under informed at worst.

Our anxiety is piqued.  Our minds are constantly distracted.  Do we then need your hot take on why the left wants to take your arms and never let you open your business again?

We get it, we really do.  You care- one way or the other.

But we don't care that you care, do we?   We all have our own shit to deal with.

And sorry, that means the election to.  See you in August- hopefully.  Change your profile pic to a MAGA or Biden icon and move on.  But really, you don't even need to do that.  We know your deal.

Lets stick with the TikTok's of your family acting like d bags.  Keep sending this recommendations for books and music that has kept your mind moving.

From such adversity comes tremendous art.  This is the golden age of TV.  What are you watching?  Binging on?  Tell us!!!  We need that common bond.   Here is an opportunity to explore your mind and the people that live in your home.  What makes them tick?  Do they know then you think?  What is his or her name and are you sure he or she is part of the family?

Show us the folks clapping at health workers.  Send a link to a service or community in need.  Be BEST!

Sadly, this is a reckoning of sorts.  The old way wasn't working.  What will we want to do when the new normal beckons us?

Right back to the vitriol of a campaign?  Is that what our future is?

Or will we want to spend more time outside breathing in the fall air?  Maybe we can hit the museums a bit more?  Theatre?  Remember concerts???

There will be plenty of time to point fingers and bitch about the establishment so soon folks!  I promise you, your voice will be heard.

For now, can I just be a dick and ask to think thrice before you post?  Pretend the person seeing it is one step away from throwing in the towel (cuz sometimes they are!!!)

Now post that vid of the dog jumping into the leaves and end it.

And since I brought it up...

Better Things on Fox is wonderful.

Top Chef is a guilty pleasure and the best kind of porn on basic cable.  Remember cuisine???

New Yorker Cartoons is a must follow.

and here is my best tunes of 2020 to date...

Peace kids!  Lets be safe out there.