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Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Madness

Got a headache from several Guinness.  Got a daughter who cried herself to sleep.  Got a wife who could either kiss or kill me.  And, maybe most disturbing, got a Final Four team who is out on day 1.  Thanks Rick Pitino.  I guess you have more time to chase waitresses through restaurants now.

And again, shame on CBS for their coverage of the tournament thus far.  I was fortunate enough to watch the early games at PS450 (  Was bummed to find out my first choice was closed for a private party.  I appreciate they have TBS/TNT/TRUTV showing every game.  But, rather than peek in to watch the end of Louisville/Morehead St, CBS stayed with the 1st half of Princeton/Kentucky.  That neglect for the masses is unacceptable.  This was by far the biggest story of the day.  I guess the assumption is everyone is on their couch and can watch what they want.  Untrue.  What everyone does want to see is the last minute of a close game.   CBS failed to bring it.  And, when Princeton went to halftime they failed to even show the highlight.  It was a full 45 minutes and several tv's later before I saw the 3 pointer that won the game.

And do I have to get started on their studio???  Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith are awful.  Whatever polish Ernie Johnson and Greg Anthony have is tarnished by their marble mouthed misinformation.  Thankfully I will not be as critical since my bracket is already blown up.  We all deserve a bit better, for sure.

The NFL is a mess.  Major League Baseball promises to be more of the same.  Boston this.  Yankees that.  Phillies staff is All World.  Hockey playoffs will be a welcome event for sure.  This weekend should be special though.  We have the chance to see Butler, and Princeton, and Gonzaga.  Schools where students attend class.  For 40 minutes they can go head to head with certain NBA players.  Storied programs and coaches versus upstart Mid-Majorsand unknowns.  Each game the biggest of their lives.  40 minutes of Glory.  And we send it back to Charles Barkley in the studio...  and I can't understand a word he is saying.  Let the games play.  Show me every ending.  And save the endless commentary to the know- it -alls at ESPN.  At least I can understand their horseshit.  Better to make fun of words rather than grunts.  I am talking to you Doug Gottleib.

All in all an exciting day of hoops today.  Look for more upsets this weekend.  And of my beloved Big East...  how many Final 4 teams are required for them to crow about how elite it is???  11 teams in and I am having my doubts.  I am talking to you St. John's.

Time to pretend to sleep.  Looking forward to studying for math test first thing in the morning.  Sounds like tears during drop-off.  And they could come from any and/or all of us...

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