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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Desert Island or Death List

Anyone else think end of days is upon us?  Earthquakes, tsunami's, nuclear meltdown, floods, locusts, Charlie Sheen???  What other signs do we need?  And if end times are near do we indeed begin the wild rumpus?

At a friend's St Patrick's Day party we somehow got around to talking about death, suicide and all things morbid.  Typical party talk.  I was surprised that many thought I was crazy for updating my death soundtrack on an almost daily basis.  I suppose we could have gone with the desert island disc thing.  But in reality, I barely travel, let alone to an island.  It is far more likely that I will have a terminal illness or what to take a long drive in a closed garage.  This is why I think of the death car shuffle far more than the desert island nonsense.  And it always brings up good, hard questions.  Let's say the carbon monoxide takes over my lungs in 10 songs.  Which 10 would the ones I last want to listen to??  Maybe I only want to hear 1 artist.  Maybe I am feeling nostalgic and want classic rock?  Old school rap?  It really does change day to day.  Sometime hour to hour.  Maybe there is a fight earlier in the day that triggers memories.  Perhaps N and I were rockin out to "Grenade," and it is fresh in my mind.  I like thinking of the last live show I saw, so maybe that needs to be in the mix.

I guess some think this is morbid and silly.  But with all the craziness that surrounds our world's what is the harm in thinking about it.  The process alone can bring fond memories and happiness.  I would pick a "National" song because I still think of that concert with a giant smile on my face.  I think Ben Folds "Still Fighting It" would appear because I used to rock N to sleep listening.   The exercise forces you to look back and reflect.  You will be surprised how rewarding it can be.

Do I want to take the drive in the garage?  Hell no.  It is optimistic to even think that would be an option.  Seems everyone these days is dying fast and without expecting it.  Nice bus trip to Mohegan Sun ends with 14 dead.  Unrest in countries all over the world is taking the lives of thousands.  Natural disasters have wreaked havoc for years now.  Hell, if I get 5 songs before checking out I will call that a success.

Not bloody likely...  but for now this would be the short list.  Subject to change:  Eels, "End Times"  The National, "Mr November  Ben Folds, "Still Fighting It"  Temper Trap "Sweet Disposition"  Bruno Mars "Grenade"

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