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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sick Sunday

Wondering how a grown man can get fever?  And how, a day can go buy without anything gets accomplished?  Take a look over here.  I am the answer man.

Thought by headed to church at 9am that might help ward off the demons and illness.  Probably better to stay for communion than bolt out after the collection, right?  Illness grabbed hard after that, but I was undeterred.  I was on a mission to buy the little one a basketball hoop.  There was talk of a garage mount or pole cemented into our driveway.  Both options proved to be either too expensive or labor intensive. 

It should be known that I may be the least handy human in the suburbs.  So, not only am I unable to bring in solid paychecks.  I am also inept at basic home repair.  I ask you...  who could resist such a formula???

You guessed it.  I was out to purchase the finest portable hoop under $300 could buy.  Only several things wrong with this scenario.  First, my vehicle would not handle the system should I have success.  Enter my neighbor, and his 3 year old daughter.  He has a nice size truck, and like most married men, was itching to get the hell out of the house.  Second, we were off to the big box stores.  Rt 10 here we come.  East Hanover, Whippany. Livingston...  It's like the same road all throughout Jersey.  46 in Fairfield, Parsippany, Totowa, Pine Brook...  35/22/73...  Many ways the reason NJ gets its reputation.  What exit you from?   It has its merits.

And don't get me started on the stretch of the Turnpike from Elizabeth to Xanadu.  Ugh times a million.

Needless to say I went to Dick's, where they were unfriendly, unaware and unhelpful.  Nothing in stock.  Then, Sports Authority.  No hoops available either, but a little more friendly.  Then, finally, to Walmart.  Worst experience of the three, and still very much empty handed.   And since when can't these folks take phone orders?  I can go home and buy online from each of these companies.  Problem is I would be stuck with the $100 freight bill.   Why wouldn't/shouldn't I be able to give you my credit card over the phone so when one of these things comes into your warehouse I can come pick it up???

So I called it a day, sweating with fever and very much expecting the cold stare from a disappointed little girl.  Not the first time.  Doubt it will be the last. 

Any other ladies I can disappoint out there???   Send resumes please.

Quick guilty pleasure to start your work week:

And the Big East sucks!!!

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