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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Still alive

Truth be told I probably started feeling sick the train ride home on St Patrick's Day.  When your wife starts asking how many Guinness you had and you cannot answer confidently...  that is the sign you have had one too many.  The next day I was not as much hungover as I was tired.  Tired getting ready for the day.  Tired running errands.  Tired driving to Philly.  Went steadily downhill from there.  Drinking more the next day probably did not help matters. 

Pushed through a rainy Monday in NYC made matters worse.  I thought I would take some Nyquil Monday night and feel much better when Tuesday arrived.  I had forgotten what that medicine does to me, especially when I have not eaten.  About 20 minutes after I took it some mild hallucinations set in.  Rooms went spinning and my body temperature went up, not down.  Naturally, my wife arrived home in tears.

Soon we would engage in heavy talks my body and mind were ill prepared for.  As I would tell her earlier today, I am certain you were upset and I remember specifically being asked if there was a "Cabal" against her.  This all stems from my untrustworthiness and proximity to other woman.  Home sales, pfa's and any and all other options were on the table.  And as always, me living in my parents house, is never far from reality.  And further my head spins.  As I made my way to bed I tossed and turned in a cold sweat.  A few times I woke up thinking the alarm went off.  I showered around 5:30am thinking I was gonna head into the City.  At about 7am my body hit the wall.

I was unable to move.  I could not talk.  And the dry cough that started as a nuisance, ended up burning in my chest.   I ended up sleeping the day away in and out of fever.  Brutal.  Thankfully my wife made it back in time to get me to the Doctor.  A nice Z pack and crazy strong cough syrup has me back among the living.  Nothing worse than illness as an adult.  And without question I am a giant baby when I am sick.  Felt totally useless the past 2 days.  I barely left bed and have seen my daughter for a few minutes tops.  She had 4 tests the past few days and I was not a factor in the studying. 

Now I have to be concerned about job security even more.  If I am looking at the game summary my ability to maintain the home is a huge selling point.  If the mrs. sees she can do the studying and work and everything else...  you can figure out the rest.   I have been most vigilant with my softball coaching correspondence.  I have to display leadership in any and all capacities.  And I have caught up with work missed over the past few days.  Trying hard not to think 1 step forward, 2 steps back (unless it's Paula Abdul singing it.)

Clearly, after reading the above, my mind is not quite back to full stength.  Since I am an old baby I will attempt to get more rest.  Should I not write again you might want to send a cop to my house, just to make sure.

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