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Monday, November 14, 2011

Stop it Adam Sandler!!!

First, can everyone please stop going to see Adam Sandler movies???  Jack and Jill ended up in the weekend plans and it was without question the worst movie of this year, and maybe of all time.  And I sat through Smurfs and Junie B Jones!!!

His act is old.  His writing is lazy.  And his acting has never been great.  Shame on all the bit players and cameos too!!!  Jared the Subway guy?  Billy Blanks??  Michael Irvin!!???  Worst of all Al Pacino!!!???   An embarrassing mess from start to finish.

We can only suspend disbelief for so long.  In his last movie he was a successful LA doctor dealing with a love triangle between Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker.  Here he is a advertising magnate which is an excuse for shameless product placement.  He has made his millions and left us all with quite a legacy.  But really, enough is enough.

Also, a moment of silence for the NBA please.  It was announced earlier today that the players rejected the latest proposal from the owners.  It looks as if the season will not happen.

Now, if the NHL can capitalize and take the coveted audience away maybe the players will understand NO ONE WILL MISS THEM.  They want 50% of the revenue!!!  Tell you what, go out and buy arenas and all the other things that it would require to start a league and see if anyone shows up.  Oh, and make sure you pay your performers have the take.

There is not a business in America that works like that (and stays solvent.)  March Madness is several months away.  Why do I get the feeling they will cave before the Ides are upon us.

All for now...  Foo Fighters await!!!  Tune in tomorrow for a full recap.

Wish you could join me...

Tonight's bill:

Joy Formidable:  "Whirring"



Social Distortion:  "Story of My Life"

"Ball and Chain"

"Bad Luck"

Foo Fighters:  "Everlong"  Still one of my favorite videos

"My Hero"


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