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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

Since trust has been starting from scratch around this household the past few months the following guilty pleasures were inivitable.  After a night out of hoops Monday night it was clear to me the very computer I am typing this on was searched for contraband.  Anyone who knows me is aware I am technically inept.   Needless to say there were some websites I had been searching that caught my wife's attention.

I am, a red blooded male who happens to work at home 2, 3 days a week.  It goes without saying that there are lulls in the day.  For this I am unashamed and surely not alone.  And again, I am a bit of a tightwad so when boredom and curiousity take hold I am surfing free sites only.  Without further adieu please take a look at some essential free sites every Suburban male should have bookmarked (on safe computers not seen by anyone who give you shit.)  Make no mistake, these are NSFW!!!  Took me a whole to figure what that meant, but for all those in real jobs:  not suitable for work.  And sorry ladies, I will write about Bravo shows and Oprah one of these days, promise.  Right, no lying.  Forget it, just ignore this post altogether.
The first of three celebrity scandal/picture gallery/gossip/blog sites that I tend to view once a day.  Here I can find out if Courtney Cox is in bikini with a co-star.  Has Charlie Sheen hosted another radio show lamenting Warner Bros?  Winner, winner Sheen dinner.  They are big on Suri, Katie and Robot Cruise posts too, which are always fun.  Good, silly pop candy with plenty of scantily clad celebs and up to the minute Jersey Shore scoops.
Very similar to Thesuperficial, in fact a great many posts overlap.  They seem to be more Victoria's Secret model-centric.  Sofia Vergara is big here too..  Either way you can do much worse.  Think of this as TMZ unfiltered and with a bit more edge.  Better yet, this is a straight man's
This is an amalgam of the two sites listed above.  There are more links to other sites and recently they have begun posting more videos.  Wanna see the lesbian scene Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis shared without sitting through "Black Swan."  Done.  How about the Showtime shows cut down to only sex scenes?  Done.  Forums, blogs, merchandise...  it's all here.  This site tends to have a more international following too.  Lots of foreign magazine shoots and  behind the scenes videos.  For instance, you can see Kate Moss' spread from Vogue Japan.  Useless for sure, but I dare you to look away.

Lastly, the one that my detective wife found, was

Long story short, free porn videos uploaded by thousands across the world.  I don't know how it is legal.  I don't know how it is free.  And I guess in reality I really don't care.  From Ginger Lynn to Jenna Jameson it is all here. 

Ok, off to confession now.  And no dear, as promised, I am not on these sites now while sitting home(again) with a sick daughter.  Writing about them isn't wrong, is it?

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