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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Still Fighting It...

Trying hard to keep my head about me after a long, arduous day.  Was glad Winter let up a bit so school started on time today.  There was a field trip today and it would have been a shame to miss "A Sound of Music" high school edition.  Still a royal pain cleaning off (2) cars of ice and snow.  Opening day is a week away!!!

Today was a NJ runaround day.  Put off some meetings due to illness so I went back at it hard.  Englewood Cliffs to Harrison to Springfield.  Sometime around 1pm I made it back for some quick paperwork.  Off to Stop N Shop so I could pick up some items for the playdate I was hosting.  Usually our daughter stays at school in their after-care program.  Today I promised to bring her and a friend home for some fun time.  I haet using the term "playdate" because 1) I'm a man and 2) It's super queeer.  Maaged to score some juice boxes and white trash dinner kit.  I went all out...  homemade mac and cheese and boiled hot dogs.  I cut some fresh fruit too.  This is about as gourmet as I can bring.  They ate it and gave me insincere thanks.  But that is fine.

Was impressed that my daughter's friend turned down Cadbury Cream Egg dessert because she gave up chocolate for Lent.  Good thing I had peeps as back up.  After dinner I found my way to the cough syrup.  Yummy indeed, but a bit toxic.  I fell into the recliner and lost track of time for a bit.  I stumbled outside and remembered the little one went across the street with friends for a while.  I feared if I had not come to she would have been there overnight.

Now, I get her ready for sleep after some quality "Wipeout" family time and look forward to picking the mrs. up from her 8:51 train home.  She had a dinner event so we traded cryptic texts all day. 

Her:  "I wish I could believe you."

Me:  "You said you were bored in Mexico with me."

Her:  "I just hated me and scared I can't provide for my family"

Me: "I am now convinced you care."

Her: "I need to stop withdrawing like I do."

Typical husband and wife stuff.  A day in the life.  And I think at everything that has gone on over the past 15 years.  Truth is these texts could have come from any of the years.  And they might come during the next 15 too.  In any event, that will be just fine.  As long as we are talking.  It is not all going to be trivia and mindless grunts.

"How was your day?" 

"Great, yours?"

We know all that nonsense.  We work together.  We parent together.  We coach together.

If we fail to communicate past the minutia we are doomed.  It is what failed us on several occasions before and will kill us should it happen again.  It is the difference between realizing all that is good and worth figthing for and throwing your hands up and saying who gives a fuck?

And thanks Catholic School for the crazy day off tomorrow for professional day!!!  Sounds like another test of our strengths as we will attempt to bring the little one in for an internship.  She is fighting with us already.

Expected so far:  a trip to the Halloween Costume Store in the West Village, the Guggenheim, and some fancy lunch.

Did I mention I'm exhausted???  Off to my loyal friend: cough syrup take me away.

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