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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

sick day

The half hour I lay in bed each day, from 6:30 to 7am, is both loved and hated.  Inevitably it is when I feel most tired.  I could wake up to use the bathroom 30 minutes prior and be wide awake.  It is too early to be up for the day so I foolishly lie down again.  I am certain I fall into a deep sleep for 2, maybe 3 minutes prior to the alarm going off.

And now I can't move.  I grab the remote and my glasses and turn on NBC news.  There, the talking heads smile and laugh like they have had a few cocktails.  I envy their energy.  They tell me of murders and fires. They giggle about financial meltdowns and revolutions.  I am crippled.  Unable to move anything and wondering if I will be able to pull myself out of bed??

Somehow, as Matt Lauer talks to the locals about what is coming up on a Tuesday "Today", there is movement.  Stumbling to the shower to try and make it another day.  Then, as Travis Bickle, would say, "there is change."  Today, after a trip to Central Jersey for tax preparation, I got the call.

"Mr Bisco, this is the school nurse..."

Of course, after a 1 week reprieve from strep throat, it arrives again.  Day blown up.  Not altogether unexpected.  Last night, as we were watching Big East basketball, she fell asleep on the couch well before bedtime.  Highly unusual.  Well, and she kept saying her throat still hurt.  I choose to ignore that one...  until I am in a Doctor's office.

Today, she was a trooper.  But I felt for her as she had the swab test.  She actually wanted me to hold her hand.  I forget many times how young she is.  She is just a little girl.  And she is home sick.  The routine is always the same.  I picked her right up and got an appointment immediately.  20 minutes in and out with our confirmed diagnosis.  Sandwich shoppe for Chicken Pasta soup on our way home.  Pharma for RX that will likely be ineffective.  Blockbuster for mindless fun:  "You Again" and "Open Season 2."  She opts for "You Again" as I write this.  How the fuck did Betty White get this big???

Now, I prepare for the rest of the night.  Tuesday?  That sounds like therapy night.  Joy.

I do look forward to hoops at 8:30.  I plan on letting off steam and shooting several ill-advised shots.

And I hope I can get through all it staying healthy myself.  I have felt poor the past few days, but I really have no time for illness right now.

"How fickle my heart and woosie my eyes..."

More each day I am feeling inspired.  I would love to be able to share and write/talk with anyone and everyone that reads this.  I am trying each day to contribute and make a difference.

Also, wondering if listening to music and watching online porn qualifies?

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