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Friday, February 25, 2011

Busy body, busy mind

The rains fell hard today and for once I am not talking about my life.  Literally, it was a very shitty February day.  Aside from working all morning and a routine follow up at urologist, I managed to make it out unscathed.  I look forward to the weekend ahead.  Tonight I am efforting to see a movie and tomorrow is White Rabbits at Bowery Ballroom. 

As I look back at the week/winter that was/is I would like to introduce a Friday staple.  Allow me now to indulge in Guilty Pleasures.

Adele; Rolling in the Deep.  A few years back this chunky, emotionally stable version of Amy Winehouse hit the scene.  Her "Chasing Pavements" was a VH1 staple and it did nothing for me.  With her new album, "21", I cannot escape the aforementioned single.  And that ain't bad.  Her booming, soulful voice resonates throughout.  I would not want to see her live.  I feel the same way about Florence and the Machine.  After a few songs I fear I might want out or to drink heavily.  However, when I am driving through Suburbia this track is a groovy, welcome breath of joy.

Charlie Sheen; death watch.  I try to rise above the masses and pretend I don't care.  Not true.  I need a Charlie Sheen story every day.  This is the slow motion we feel right before impact.  I love that he is in the Bahamas with porn stars and ex-wifes.  I love that he has been making random radio appearences each crazier than the previous one.  I love that he called out Chuck Lorre, the man responsible for his paychecks and career the past decade.  I love that I get to hear Martin Sheen come out of the woodwork and cry for his boy.  Uh, Martin...  where have you been the past 40 years???  Right, forgot, you were demonstrating against nukes and pretending to be President.  Granted, I feel bad for the staffers and workers of "Two and a Half Men."  And for the record I have never seen the show.  He did take a massive dump on their livelihoods during the past year or so.  Why?  So he could get coked up and bang whores all day?  If I were a key gaffer I guess I would be pissed.   For me, I am captivated.  I have been around addicts and I see the pattern.  At this rate he will more than likely be dead or in jail within 2 to 3 years.  I will be watching.  For he is much more interesting than Lindsay Lohan.  This is Wild Thing we are talking about.  Platoon.  Ferris Bueller.  Legendary roles and an acoonmplished actor to say the least.  Lohan was a Disney star who happened to get cast in Mean Girls.  Tina Fey made that film with smart writing and an eye for teen angst.  Throw a stone in LA and you could have found a girl who could play dork to hot girl as well, if not better.   To me, she is a more accomplished junkie than actress.  Think about it...  she got canned from playing Linda Lovelace!!!  You can't play a 70's porn star who claimed she was brainwashed and had supernatural fellatio skills then who needs you???

Hating coupon users.  I have to give me sister credit on this one.  She called my attention to "extreme coupon cutting."  Sorry, I need to ask how valuable a human being's time is???  If you spend hours and hours collecting coupons so you can save a few bucks, good for you.  But, stop and quantify how much your time is worth.  Let's say you work 2 to 3 hours a week researching and cutting coupons.  What would your hourly rate be?  $75 or so would most likely be going rate around here.  I will not be bothered.  Our time is worth something.  I get a few hours a week of quiet time.  Maybe my daughter is here and we have not seen or done anything in days.  Last thing I want to do is shut her out because Tyson is offering me $1.00 their new "Carcinogen Chix."  Pass.  I will spend a bit more at the register and know I have lived a life.  And who needs 6 boxes of General Mills cereal anyway???

Tonight's feature is "Barney's Version" with Paul Giammati.  Amazed this small, unattractive schlub has turned in such a career.  From his memorable role as Pig Virus in 'Private Parts" to Myles in "Sideways" Mr. Giammati is the consummate pro.  I don't even hold it against him that A Bart Giammati was his dad.  Note: I hate nepotism when it fails to benefit me.   Weekend starts in promising fashion.   New trend perhaps??  Time will tell.

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