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Thursday, February 10, 2011

And it sure, been a long, cold winter...

I saw a brief Onion headline on their Tolerability Index that lambasted local forecasters for inundating us with Storm Coverage.  "Weather!, It's what's outside."  it said.

True enough, but this Winter has been dreadful from the word go.  Snow and freezing cold, followed by ice and endless darkness.  Dreary to say the very best.  But there are moments when I am thankful for all that life has to offer.

A positive report card makes my day.  A nice open face turkey sandwich from any number of diners puts a smile on my face.  Quality Big East basketball can entertain me.  And fierce, unapologetic debate has always been both enlightening and entertaining.

Which was what brings me to this debate.  The quaint little NJ town we have settled in has (3) Public elementary school.  Our daughter goes to the Catholic School so I am throwing that school into the equation as well.  For our purposes I was curious...  if I took someone from the middle of the country, and showed them the parents of each school would they be able to tell me, on looks alone, which school was from the most affluent area, middle of the road district, lowest economical district and Catholic.

It has a very "Social Network" feel to it.  Very much like Zuckerberg merged all the frat/sorority house together by picture, I was hopeful I could do that with the parents.  Would Mary from Kansas be able to recognize Tory Burch wear and know with certainty that the woman is clearly from the Hill?

However, that woman could be from Catholic too?  What distinguishing characteristics might separate Hill from Catholic.  Hill woman make up many of the folks at Catholic.  Should the Catholics be the control group?  Should they be eliminated altogether???  And what, if any purpose, does this inane exercise accomplish?

Do the beautiful people have the affluence?  Does beauty attract beauty?  Is this all an attempt to make myself feel better by demeaning and insulting everyone around me?

Probably yes to all of those things, but fascinating (to me) nonetheless.

For now, I am confident my balls are still sore, my life is very much in shambles, and somehow I am still smiling.   Should I start wondering if I am mentally ill?

Right, no need to wonder.  Firmly established would be more correct.

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