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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

School is out

And I am not the biggest fan. I went to Catholic school as a kid, but I do not remember a week off in February. In years past I might not have thought much of it. Usually I would have had a few days away to enjoy it. ThIs year vacation has been put on hold. So we juggle. Picked up the little one at Cracker Barrel this afternoon. Seems like she had a pretty good time with my folks, but there were the typical complaints of boredom. I'm not having that. Biggest issue with the few days was I subjected myself to 2 meals from Cracker Barrel!!!! Fried chicken and biscuits does not healthy person make. We got through Wednesday and now must decide what to do tomorrow and Friday. The thought now is N tags along into NYC for an internship. We have a kind of boiler room office. It is a family business, and the family, like most, has dysfunction. Certain there are places in midtown where men don't clip their toenails around lunchtime. My place of business ain't one of them. And, although I like Car Talk on NPR... I don't wanna hear l 930am as I am talking to clients. There are 7 folks in the office most days, and 4 of them are siblings. Then we have T and I. And another, gnome like Willie Loman who works the phones and cashes checks. I try to keep to myself, plow through what I need to, and get out. Job sites and meetings are welcome changes. But, I do have to sit there on occasion. Needless to say, if I am not jazzed about 5 or 6 hours there, either is N. I hope she is game for it. I can leave around 9am and drive. N will not take the train. Yes, we have spoiled the shit out of her. I had her on the train a few years back and it was if she was having root canal without novocaine. I am hopeful I can be in the office at 10. She can have the iPad, ample breakfast foods, and a computer terminal. Maybe she can use highlighters to make cubicle art. Whatever has to happen for me to get a few quality hours. It is a gamble, but since every other one of our friends IS on vacation... This is the life we have chosen. The carrot I hold over her head is a museum. My hope would be to hop on the 6 train and see the Guggenheim or Met. She has never been to either and it has been way too long since I've been. If I am motivated and strong, it can all happen.

She was asleep prior to 10pm. There is a chance she may wake up in good spirits. Oh, I can play the Dunkin Donuts card!!! Done deal.

Glad I was able to catch Modern Family tonight. There have been few, if any, half hour sitcoms that have caught my attention recently. This is one that has. Maybe all the dysfunction and comedy I have surrounded myself with makes this ensemble all the more intriguing to me? Each week the show provides laughter. I always considered my sense of humor my strong point. My massive ego tells me if I am laughing it MUST be funny. I am laughing at this show. Pay attention to it. And watch Larry Sanders and Arrested Development on IFC too. Curb your Enthusiam is required, but please no Entourage! If the show tries too hard and crowbars cameo after cameo for gimick alone... It is because it sucks and has no content. Truth is that show jumped the shark when Turtle dates Meadow Soprano. Sorry, I am out.

And note, if your gonna burn one before bed and are already concerned about weight gain??? Do NOT watch Top Chef!!! Now I see several bowls of cereal in my future.

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  1. 100% agree on the tv shows, never liked Entourage, too Ca., for NJ'ers to identify or even like, shocked when people say they love it.