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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Real housewives of Miami

Good mindless fun after another long, trying day. Therapy followed by some drinks and fried food. 10pm and I am finally able to sit down and relax. There were some brief conversations with the little one. She managed to make me feel guilty. Apparently she is bored at my folks house. So sorry she cannot be entertained every single second of the day. When I was 8 I could sit down and play with matchboxes for hours at a time. These days... Her itouch, Internet, cable tv, books, gmail account, board games, movies, and most importantly grandparents who adore and cherish her, are NOT enough. It might make me a bit mad. I must remember she is a child. She is respectful and polite to others. She is a good kid, who is having a bad moment.

I find there are no blondes on this Housewife show. Bad that I am thinking this is way too ethnic??? Does that make me a bigot? I like what I like and I'm not really seeing it. I will say this ... Miami is very pretty. I think maybe a few days there would be nice.

Now, there is a male underwear fashion show. So, no blondes and gay porn. I may have to abort. To think, I could be watching Rutgers lose by 30 at home to Louisville.

A friend of mine gifted me tix for the semi-final session of the Big East tournament in a few weeks. Having never been there and finding myself more into basketball than in years, I am excited to say the least.

Oh, I was wrong about Rutgers... only down 12. And indeed even with conflict, we can agree to abandon Housewives. On to "The Hangover" for the 12th time... Like that the wife mentioned I should try to look more like Bradley Cooper than Zach Galafanakis. I am a hairy, bearded mess.

"and we're the 3 best friends that anyone could have...".

Lastly, sorry to not feel anything for those 4 tourists who were killed by Somali pirates. If I had all the money in the World and could do any traveling i wanted... You can be assured i would not cruise my big ass yacht through the Indian Ocean. How about a nice walk through Rome? Maybe a beach vacation or skiing in Utah? Anywhere but a soft stroll through enemy waters. Why not walk through Mexico City without weapons wearing a police uniform? Or how bout a bikini clad gal waltzing through Tripoli at dusk? If you put yourself in harms way, expect the worst. I obviously mourn the loss of life. But i have to ask myself, when we antagonize and flaunt those who have nothing... What do we expect to gain? That's right, expect the worst. In this case, we have the loss of innocent lives. Thrill seekers and adventurers they asked for all life could offer.

Instead, they got what it often times is your fate. Keep expecting life to be a glorious cavalcade of gold and chocolates. One day, all too soon, it will rise and up and kill you.

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