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Friday, February 25, 2011

most fortunate...

To have the time to write.  To have a child who says please and thank you.  To have someone to love unconditionally.  Ironic, as I chose to play The Bravery's "Uncondtional" as I sat down for a moment.  So much of life determined by the sub-conscious.  Acting on instinct at a moment's notice.  Never clearly thinking about consequences of one's actions.  Primal behaviors prompted by life's basic needs.  If you are left standing, with health and moments of happiness...  it is imperative to call yourself lucky.

And, before 6pm on a Friday night, life happens.  A tiny happy hour buzz before jetting off to the theatre.  Will fine moviemaking follow?  Popcorn?  Dare I ask for a Guinness, or 3, later on?

Little girl off to a sleepover party (1st of 2 Friday's in a row.)  The difficulty of seeing your daughter grow up yet embracing acting like an adult human being again.

"One of these days the sky's gonna break, and everything is going to escape, then I will know."

Indeed, A Civil Twilight.  "Never fall away."

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