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Saturday, February 19, 2011

must lighten things up...

Just a note on that reporter, Serena Branson, who had a headache during her newscast...  WHO CARES???

Daytime tv and mass media in general have pushed this story way too long.  Here she is, being so brave about mumbling words for a story on the Grammy's for Christ's sake.  Excuse me, was Lara Logan not sexually assualted covering a major government uprising???  Do we not think that is worth equal time???  What really did we miss from her garbled words?  She was going to list winners from the night's ceremonies?  Everyone that cared knew the results already!!!

Now, I know this LA reporter's name and how she looks.  I can hear the "Dancing with the Stars" producers and "Playboy" executives making their pitch now.  Why?  Because she fucked up at her job???  It reminds me somewhat of Erin Andrews and her meteoric rise to fame.  Why so popular Ms. Andrews?  Well, because you gave everyone what they wanted for so long: an opportunity to see you brush your hair naked for 4 minutes.  No one ever really cares what you ask Mike Krysewski before halftime.  All the 19-30 year old males watching now think of you in your ball gown and through a peephole.

And now, Ms. Branson gets thrust into the spotlight because her head hurt.  My head hurts roughly 95% of the time...  and my back...  and my soul...  Are we that bored as a Country that her plight is a news story.

Who is to say she did not fake the entire event to get this National 15 minutes? Ok, I will. 

I have been a skeptic ever since Magic Johnson divulged he has HIV.  Really Magic?  Can I please see the blood tests?  Maybe if he said he contracted it after he and James Worthy ended up in a San Francisco bathhouse I would have given it more credibilty.  Fact is, he is more healthy and employable now than ever.  I always contended our Government and the homosexual LA community made him an incredible offer to come out with this revelation.  "Listen Magic...  we can spin this so nicely that you will be an American Hero!!  We have the best writers, best pr folk, best of everything.  You want to start a series of inner city movie houses?  Done.  You want to continue to work on TV?  Done.  You want to gain 100 pounds?  Sure.  You do not have the disease and you never will.  Tell America you contracted it by bedding thousands of women.  How does that hurt you???  They all assume that anyway...  you are an NBA player."

Contrived, absurd American stories that flood our tv's, our papers, our lives.  I cannot avoid Lindsay Lohan and her troubles with the law.  I know way more about the Kardashian's than any red blooded man should.  We are a Nation of voyeurs eager to buy into any nonsense thrown our way.

Problem is we don't make anything anymore.  We eat ourselves to death.  We prefer porn to actual physical contact.   America strikes me as a dinosaur and I am getting a little pissed off about it.

Wow, just looked at the title of this.  Not light at all.  Maybe I need to really enjoy this Saturday.   High School basketball, rock band and Guinness here I come...

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