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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Therapist said N looked and sounded great.  She responds well when prompted about emotions.  She excelled at a "Story" exercise which had her put people in and out of situations.  In fact, she loved that exercise and wants to come back and do it again soon.

At $165 an hour???

If I am told she is doing better, and she made NO mention of last nights drama, how many more sessions are required?

She has not had a tantrum in weeks, and the one she did have was isolated and rare.  We played basketball outside today and she was laughing and happy.  There has been 0 evidence of sadness and anger.

I can understand follow ups and wanting to make sure she is maturing and processing things appropriately.

But I will also need to keep a roof over her head.

And I feel like shit.  Think the constant physical illness that has enveloped the house has grabbed hold of me.

Good thing I only have 6 more hours of activity scheduled for the evening :-(

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