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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sick and Tired...

I had escaped major illness the majority of the winter.  Perhaps because I inflicted harm on so many, the Gods of Health spared me a bit.  Well that shit's over.  Granted, I only have an annoying head cold.  It still sucks.  The majority of the issues stem from a lack of sleep.  I get four, sometimes five hours a night.  But, they are restless hours at best.  What makes matters worse is we have a 16 year old cat who feels obliged to yell a few times each night.  If it were one meow I might deal better.  Fact is, the noises that come out of her tiny mouth are deafening chasms of harm and longing.  We could entertain them and go downstairs to put some food and water in her bowl.  Would not matter.  I think she does it just as a kind of fuck you.  She sleeps all day and is probably a bit bored at night.  There is nothing on tv.  Her eyesight is too bad to read.  Next best thing???  Oh, that's it...  wake up my owners with ungodly cries.

I am half tempted to stay up all night and study her.  Either that or stay back one day and keep her awake every time she attempts to sleep on our bed.  The irony is she is the one reason I have given for not wanting a dog.  I saw her will our other,  younger cat, to death.  When we brought him in as a rescue she recoiled and did not go near us for years.  When his heart exploded and he died on our foyer floor, Ms. Precious was on our bed that night.  Outlasted and outwitted the poor bastard.  And I fear she would do the same thing with a dog.  Not to say I want a dog, cause I really don't.  But I am certain the cat would somehow prevail.

And oh, before I start reading the hate mail...  kidding, I know no one reads this...  The dog issue is a big one though.  I never grew up with one.  I never really liked them.  And I know I would be largely responsible for it's care.  Not a huge deal, I know.  I bet I would grow to like it for that matter.  I am a bit of an animal lover.  I turn off animal abuse stories on the news (but somehow love hearing about human violent crime.)  So I struggle with the decision for sure.  I do see the benefit and am not discounting the positive effects that would come with it.  The ladies in this house want and deserve one.  These days my credibility is not what it once was.  Gonna half to bite the bullet for sure.  And again, I am not protesting as I once did.  Must be Constanza like in the coming months, years, etc...  If all my instincts to this point have been wrong, then the opposite MUST be right.

Was able to hit the Metropolitan Museum of Art this afternoon as a family unit.  It must have been at least 5 years since I was inside and able to view the art.  We had done some work there a few years back, but those were private offices.  I remember walking the construction site with my Astros hard hat and being bullied by some union guys.  "Get that fucking hat off asshole.  This is Yankees territory."  Remind me again why I hate NY fans?  I know, they are not all like that.  You are right.  Just 98 % or so.

May none of their sports teams win another Championship.  And may I be here to laugh as they don't.  T gives me shit for buying the DirecTV baseball package because I inevitably watch more Yankees/Mets games than anything.  I have found it gives me more pleasure rooting against them than for my team.  Schadenfreude...  

Getting back to the Met...  it is a truly wonderful place.  I was amazed at the size, as I always am.  N liked the armor and Colonial Room tour.  There was a nice lunch in the Sculpture Cafe.  We had cupcakes on the steps after we left.  It was a moment I will not soon forget.  The long subway downtown to get our car was fun.  N got to hear a nice verbal assault on the walk to work.  She saw a nice amount of homelessness and smelled bad smells.  We stopped at the Halloween store and she bought a pen that zaps electricity to unwilling suckers.  She foiled 2 colleagues.  Things packs a wallop too.  She has already asked if she can bring it to school and if it is ok to use on her teachers.

It is a life for sure.  And it is close to midnight.  Today I call a success, but tomorrow is an immense question mark.  Gonna be left to my own devices.  N gonna be at a friends and I have a Dr. appt and some work to do.  Already the questions have been asked.  Will you be good tomorrow?  CAN you be good tomorrow?

Confident there is nothing to worry about.  Easy for me to say it.  Harder for some to believe it.   Nobody's Fault But Mine. 

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