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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wiener Roast

Far be it for me to be the moral compass here, there or anywhere.  Fact is I have no legs to stand on.  Worse, my arms and most of my manhood are locked safely away in a master bedroom.  And I would love to know which bedroom.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Just a hint would be great.

Somehow my mouth is functioning, and in turn the keyboard.  So, if you will indulge...

Could we all just move on from the moral collapse of Congressman Anthony Weiner?  He clearly digs the ladies and has a tough time expressing himself.  Step in line if you have acted like him or have been very close to someone who has.  Ok, now that EVERYONE is here, let's all get a freakin grip.

Far as I can tell his biggest crime is wanting to be in public office.  Because once you find yourself in the public eye all bets are off.  The very nonsense I write here is being written on a much bigger and hate-filled stage all over America.  Radar Online, Huffington, Drudge and others make it their business to expose hypocrises.  Believe in something and make it your cause...  you will be taken down.

And enough with the left versus right garbage too.  The John Edwards story along with said Weiner, have taught us depravity and hypocrisy know no party lines.  Men are universally shady and the women they pursue are likely NOT as they seem.  That wreaks of a volatile mix if their ever was one.

Can Wiener do his job effectively?  That is what I am concerned about.  If he is chatting and texting on social media from sun up to sun down we may have problems.  But if, during the course of his afternoon or, hopefully, when the work day is over, he chats online looking to fill a void or let off steam, I could care less.  Now, his toothy wife is another story.  And between them, both talented and career driven professionals, they can come to a compromise and move forward, then good for them.

I will be expecting him to show up at Capital Hill every day and fight for his district.

Some other lessons to be learned here.

1)  Never deny.  If someone has the goods on you come on out and talk.  Go to Letterman with your own phone and strut your stuff.  Weiner brought in hacker conspiracies and "not with certitude" quotes.  Epic Fail. 

Think how NY would love him if he showed up last week with Letterman and went hog wild.  "Well Dave, it gets lonely in DC.  Sometimes I just sit there in front of the cpu and go crazy.  I know you do too Dave.  Think I forgot about the intern thing from a few years back???  We should go out sometime and scope babes."

Sorry, but why do I think his approval rating would sky rocket and they would be stenciling his name on the Mayor's office door.  We need refreshing, honest candidates.  Instead he went on the defensive and made himself look more pitiful.  I do give him credit for coming clean (no pun intended you sicko!!)  and holding the press conference.  More credit for his wife for NOT attending.  But he loses credit for taking questions.  That will never work and inevitably he was heckled by Howard Stern associates.  Entertaining for me, but him, not so much.

2)  Enough with the social networking/email.  It's today's paper trail and it will destroy you.  I love my smart phone and am probably on Twitter and Facebook more than most teenage girls.  However, I am not in the public eye.  And you better believe if and when I am those days will be over.  Do you mean to tell me there is not enough on the internet already?  You really need to strike up conversations online with strangers?  Is there no concern that you are talking with a Republican strategist or even Sarah Palin?  Use your imagination a bit.  Cinemax?  NO COMPUTERS or SMART PHONES ever.  Of this I can speak with much confidence. 

3)  Finally, stick to the issues please.  It is the Weiner scandal that beautifully illustrates why government should stay the hell out of the morality business.  We have had an debate between these four walls for several months now regarding normalcy.  It had long been said that I was the more sane/normal one in our marriage.  Turns out that notion was politely murdered, put in suitcases and thrown into the Susquehanna River.

My contention has and will be that we are for the most part flawed.  Men and women want different things.  Men and women feel differently and respond differently to situations.  The miracle is that at some point we find agreement and peace and get along at all.  Parents all over are ruining their child's perception of the World.  Then, that child meets another child who is equally damaged.  Waa-laa.  The cycle continues. 

Arnold, and DSK, and John Edwards, and Wiener, et al.  troubled, juvenile, sick and twisted the lot of them.  But he who hasn't sinned, please feel free to cast the first stone...

Figures, Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch are first in line.  Wait, there is Arianna Huffington, and Jon Stewart. 

Damn.  Guess nothing is gonna change.

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