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Friday, June 10, 2011

Morality, what is it good for?

As I enjoy a healthy bowl of Mini Wheats and peruse the web looking for inspiration, I am further mystified.  We are all way too fascinated with minutia.  And I don't mean the summer reality shows or over-coaching/living vicariously in our children's sports teams.  I mean seemingly bigger issues.
The Today show started their program today with Newt Gingrich's top aides leaving.  Non-story.  See:,20680/

I was engaged in a healthy debate on Facebook last evening about Anthony Weiner and the hypocrisy of morality clauses.  The argument is if a teacher did what he did they would be canned on the spot.  I argued, to no avail, that the fact that teachers influence and/or associate with children make it slightly different.  That opinion apparently makes me sexist.  Listen, I love teachers, and like policeman and other emergency personnel, I think they are grossly underpaid and underappreciated.  Fact is, there are probably countless teachers texting inappropriate things to other consenting adults as I write this.  The blogopshere and mass media are not concerned about them.   If the teacher somehow gets famous rest assured someone, somewhere, will have pics to share to the the masses.  This is TMZ's world folks, and we are just living in it.

Until we stop buying the magazines and downloading the pics nothing will change.  Instead, it will only get worse.  I used an analogy that I might be concerned more with someone handling my food than someone writing laws.  Again, that fell on deaf ears.  In reality, those hard working folks laboring for crap money at Whole Foods or Stop and Shop affect my life far more than Anthony Weiner.  I realize that speaks to how disenchanted I am with big government and how the democracy in this country has long ago stopped speaking for the middle class.  Morality is imporant for sure and I certainly do condoning Caligula in the White House.  Although I might like to see Malcolm McDowell and Helen Mirren there.

But Clinton and Kennedy and countless European leaders have all had issues with morality.  When the dust settles there questionable personal behaviors become more a footnote to their overall governing skills.  What Weiner did was lewd, creepy and offensive.  Far as I can tell no laws have been broken.  Move on, let him attempt to do his job, and let's all wait for the next scandal to break.  I do wonder if Arnold Schwarzenegger paid Radar Online to get Wiener on the front page.  His craziness seems like a distant memory now.  And with that I close the zipper on Wiener-gate.  I will speak of it no more (unless prompted.)

There were other non-stories that fascinated us (read: media) over the past few weeks.  Gov Chris Christie chartered a helicopter to see his son play baseball.  Really not a huge deal, unless you are the helicopter.  Can I really trust a man who has let himself go this badly?  He looks so unhealthy yet he is responsible for balancing our State's budget and handling the Nation's most corrupt government.  I wanna like the guy so badly but I am way too superficial to get beyond the appearence. 

Reese Witherspoon used the MTV Movie Awards to rail against Hollywood starlets resorting to sex tapes and "leaked" nude pics.  This speaks to my earlier point about morality.  Meaning, thanks Reese, divorced mother of 2, for telling others how to act and behave.  The rules for you might not apply to everyone.  There are those who cannot sing like June Carter Cash, and be born with the beauty you possess.   In the culture we live in today folks will do what they have to in order to get ahead in life.  We may not like it, but you ain't gonna stop it.  I did like Edie Falco's take on the whole reality tv world.  Leave it to Carmella to put everything in perspective:

For stories you should be concerned about I suggest the e-coli scare in Europe.  It will be either a killer virus or bacteria that brings our kind to a screaming halt.  Take a break from Kitchen Nightmares and pay attention to this one.  Make sure you clean your fruits and vegetables too.   I knew there was a reason I stayed away from sprouts all these years. 

Poll question:  When the apocalypse arrives will the world look more like Mad Max or Blade Runner?  Fight for water or replicants taking over?  I wonder, I really do.  And sadly I think I fare poorly in both scenarios. 

And as summer vacation season begins I do look to our depraved Congress to lower the gas prices.  Will I be alive for a truly energy efficient automobile?  And will it be affordable?  More and more I think there are more folks working against this innovation than for it.

Finally, look to the Dow folks.  Another ugly day today and too many negative numbers in recent weeks.  As we become more and more dependant on other Nations to produce our goods we further dig ourselves into certain doom.  What do we make?  What can we do better than others?  What are we teaching our children?

Participate and you win.  I'm not buying it.  Probably cause America is selling it.

PS...  saw an ad for Glee reality show...  End of Days much closer than I thought.


  1. Are you condemning Reese because she is "divorced" and a "mother of 2", therefore she clearly has no right to speak of morals?? People/parents get divorced, to live happier lives, and to set better examples for their children. Its those that stay in marriages for the wrong reasons, that clearly should not be telling others how to behave or act. You will need to dig yourself out of that statement.

  2. No digging required. She can speak all she want just as I can. Just an observation that there are those who might think she has not earned the right to condemn the Kardashians and Hiltons of the World just cause she got an Oscar in her house. As long as her ex is in Us Weekly every week with a new starlet she might want to pipe down a bit. I love Reese for sure and look forward to her movies that don't have Twilight guys in it. Not a huge fan of the holier than thou stuff though. She made her point and I respect all of it. No harm in giving her some heat though. I mean really? Do we think she is perfect? Same applies to Edie Falco. Maybe I give her more cred cause she is 20 years older. I take your point to heart and by no means want to belittle single parents out there. But I think Reese's payroll makes her a bit more hands off then say, a welfare mom in Mott Haven, Bronx. In other news, thanks for reading!!! Appreciate the feedback!!!

  3. For the record... cannot defend Wiener chatting up teenagers... perv has got to go away. Can defend him no longer.