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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Greetings from the Middle Class

AS I feared my poor daughter hit the wall last night.  She never wanted to play lacrosse again.  She was tired from an exhausting softball practice.  She was starved.  And then I thought I would ask for summer homework. 

Why do I think of this exchange when thinking of Suburbanites: 

Cue: Hyman Roth:

"There was this kid I grew up with; he was younger than me. Sorta looked up to me, you know. We did our first work together, worked our way out of the street. Things were good, we made the most of it. During Prohibition, we ran molasses into Canada... made a fortune, your father, too. As much as anyone, I loved him and trusted him. Later on he had an idea to build a city out of a desert stop-over for GI's on the way to the West Coast. That kid's name was Moe Greene, and the city he invented was Las Vegas. This was a great man, a man of vision and guts. And there isn't even a plaque, or a signpost or a statue of him in that town! Someone put a bullet through his eye. No one knows who gave the order. When I heard it, I wasn't angry; I knew Moe, I knew he was head-strong, talking loud, saying stupid things. So when he turned up dead, I let it go. And I said to myself, this is the business we've chosen; I didn't ask who gave the order, because it had nothing to do with business! "

This is the business we've chosen!!!  To strive to give our kids everything.  To put them in the greatest postion to succeed.  To do or be exposed to all we were not.  Anything is possible.

To keep pace it is imperative your gas pedal reaches the floor and you have kindly removed the brakes. 

And that is why I spent about an hour and a half  with my pediatrician this afternoon.  I was able to strong arm my daughter into her 9 year wellness visit today.  The reason I love my pediatrician is because the yearly visit is an hour long de-briefing on parenthood, child raising, and all things developmental.  She is thoughtful, smart and easy going.  There is a reason her waiting list for appointments is months long.  Think NoBu with a stethoscope.  Nevermind she is overweight.  Her dedication and care make me, most jaded of all, to look past it. 

Today may have been the last time we see her.  After almost a year long fight she and our insurer, have reached an impasse.  If we want to continue with her services it MUST be out of pocket.  I asked:  "What if we send our daughter to our doctor for sick visits and stay with you for wellness."

She replied "We like to see you for all visits."

That ain't happening.  Now I barter.  Can I have paperwork detailing all per diem services?  Anything in Excel would be great. 

Nope, still too new for them.  They can tell me this:  $175 for 25 minute visits, $125 for 15 minute.  Testing TBD.  20 % off if you pay in full. 

OK, that isn't awful, is it?  I mean how many times will we be there? 

Then I think of this past winter.  Strep after strep.  Broken bones.  11 year old vaccines are not far off.  Can I rationalize having health insurance coverage from employer and opting NOT to use it?  More to the point, can we afford it???

Then I start getting pissed.  My wife texts me:  "What happened to Obama care?"

Right.  I seem to remember a giant debate, some legislation, and a great sigh of relief.

Um, not here thank you very much. 

We continue to shop for dentists, which around here are crazy in both price and treatment.  For instance, the dentist we just left said my wife had 8(YES, EIGHT!!!) cavities.  She brought her x-rays to another dentist and wouldn't you know he said 0 (YES!!!  ZERO!!!) cavities.

I really do hate people.  But not you, you're cool.

But what of Universal Health Care?  When will we stop being bullied by money hungry HMO's?  Big medical still calls the shots as far as I see it.  And Pharma too (sorry Pharma workers: you are killing me.)

A mildy healthy family, with paid health insurance, still lays out a lot of dime in health coverage.  Once again the middle class is more the victim. 

I will not even get into mental health coverage.  Pretty sure I would be driving the car that Jackass guy drove into a field if I had all that out of pocket scratch back.

I guess it really doesn't matter.  Seems our House of Reps has its hands full with, well either filling their hands with parts of their body or taking handouts from lobbyists eager to push their own greed filled agendas.

Thank God I could not get through "Inside Job" last week.   I would have been too much for even myself to handle.

Tuesday Morning Quarterback:  US Open Summary

Love that Rory McIlroy quickly put the disaster at Augusta behind him.  He is a deserving champion poised for greatness. 

Problem is who will be there from our Country to provide healthy competition?  I think it is now 5 straight majors without an American victory.  And Northern Ireland has come here twice in a row to win OUR Championship.

Do we miss Tiger that badly?  Will he ever be able to come back and do anything close to what he has done in the past?  Has Phil Mickelson become this irrelevant? 

Or does it speak to the lack of fire we are teaching our kids?  Better to be YouTube stars than winners.  Maybe that is why this image has been stuck with me for days:

4 of today's top golfers are doing crap like this instead of practicing to be the very best.  Congrats guys!!  You went viral with a video that makes you all look like giant tools.  And while you were doing that McIlroy and Jason Day, and Charl, and Westwood, and Donald, and hell even Ernie Els, were on the range doing what they can to WIN. 

If you aren't into that perhaps a part time writing gig on Colbert might be more your speed.

OK, I would love that job too.

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