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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Catching Up...

And this is where I lose it.  I was just about to post something I worked nearly two hours on and somehow I deleted it.  I am literally short of breath.  I do not have 2 hours to lose.  And the irony is that I what I was writing about.

How, after 2 days of solving shelving emergencies and going back and forth to softball games, therapy sessions and grocery stores I was ecstatic about getting in front of the computer.

I went on and on about Bridesmaids.  I thought it was funny.  I mentioned Jill Clayburgh as Kristen Wiig's mother.  I thought her passing earlier this year was a giant loss for Hollywood.  For a time she was a huge star who took enormous risks.  Rent "La Luna", or "An Unmarried Woman" for a small example of her strong work.  She was a woman with enormous talent and super sexy.  I was glad her last film was in a light-hearted comedy.   Wiig is a force and I was glad to see her get her star turn.  It is her ability to play off others that makes her even more special.    Melissa McCarthy, (of the fatty romantic comedy Mike and Molly) is exceptional as Megan.  Her crass, butch, sister to groom Megan has some super-sized laughs.

It is Wiig's show and she does a tremendous job (and that includes her script.)  Only a matter of time before she leaves SNL and has a series of bad movies on her wake.

I went on a old man tirade about  Hollywood and the movie going experience too.  First, the film was supposed to start at 4:20 (stop giggling pothead) and did not get to screen until 4:41.  Do I really need 7 trailers and as many commercials???  And how many times do you need to tell folks to turn their phones off.  The person that needs that message is going to ignore it anyway.  And does anyone on Earth not know you sell popcorn and sugar water???  And given the ad space you sell and price of those concessions you mean to tell me it is still every bit of $40 bucks for 2 people to see a matinee??  I had a popcorn and box of candy.  $35 including the tickets.  Robbery I tell you.  If Hollywood had an original thought I might be more willing to take the abuse.

For example, most of the trailers and generally what is being made today is a retread.  Just because 80s music has been revived does not mean the movies need to follow suit.  Red Dawn?  Total Recall?  Ghostbusters?  Child's Play?  Tron?  Karate Kid?  Fright Night?  Teenage Mutant Ninja? Smurfs?

If they aren't ripping off video games they rip off movies already made: and poorly at that.

I am fed up with it and proposed an original screenplay of my own.  Figured what do I have to lose?  I remember writing it might be more interesting following me around this evening.  Two softball games, two towns, two age groups.


At a local park complex, anywhere USA, several cars arrive at the parking lot.  One by one woman start gathering their cleats and making their way to a common bench.  The woman look like they may have been working all day, or at least caring for one, if not many, of their children.  Their attitude is loose.  They laugh and smile as they discuss the events of the past few weeks, or even year.  It is opening night in the Ladies Slow Pitch softball league.  The sun shines brightly as one of them mentions:  "It is so great to be out here.  What a beautiful night."

On the other side of the fence the opposing team is gathering itself.  Cleats are laced tightly.  Armor is carefully put on.  Shin guards, eye black, maybe even a jock strap.  This team is younger, and maybe a little scary.

A few words by the manager are mumbled before they take the field for BP and stretching.

The older gals continue to laugh and assemble a line-up and position assignments.  There are some unknowns at game time.  This one had to work...  This one is on vacation.  You know, life stuff.

Meanwhile, several 9 and 10 year old girls are loading into SUV's for their first ever night game a few towns over.  Some of them got their hands on a cheer booklet.  Moms throughout town are now reciting "Watch the pitcher, watch, watch the pitcher" without even knowing it.  Ok, some dads are doing it too.

They moan about how much running they did at practice last night.  They sing along to Kesha's "Blow."

For a moment they are innocent and joyful.  Then they arrive at the field, and turn on their game faces (or there best impression of one.)  They heard things about their opponents.  They have pitchers that bring it.  They breed softball players.  Hell, they have lights at their field!!!  Only lights they have played under to date where headlights from parents.  Time to bring it.

They take BP too as the other team looks on.  Parents gather on bleachers and lawn chairs anxious to watch the proceedings.  "My kid is better than yours!!"

"My town is better than yours."

At the adult field the husbands and children take their spots too.  Will they offer encouragement?  Will they ridicule?  Both?

Umpires make their way from aged sedans to go over ground rules and other pertinent details.  "Play Ball!"

The adult teams gather for strategy.  One team who covers second on a ground ball and the other where drinks will be had afterwards.

On the youth field kids are in a huddle ready for the action to take place.  "We can do this!!"

Camera pans in on each pitcher.  The ladies league pitch released high and soft as the pitcher smiles.  The younger pitcher winds up, violently swings her arm forward and releases; a picture of concentration.

Each hitter gets ready, uncorks the bat, and...

In about 24 hours I could probably write this conclusion.  Because as we know truth is stranger than fiction.  And these events are not to be ignored.  They are the moments that define us.  Once we start ignoring them we become less aware.  I can't wait to be aware this evening.  First pitch 3 hours away.

Other news:

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