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Thursday, June 2, 2011

A NY Socialite (in the making)

Only been about 10 years since I have lived and worked near NYC...  bout time I have a day like most other New Yorkers.  Now, I first preface it by saying I will miss my daughter immensely and feel somewhat guilty not being with her today/tonight.  But, as every parent can attest, sometimes we all need a break.  And after all it is only field day tomorrow.  She can go out and get drunk with the babysitter tonight, roll out of bed and still kick the crap out of her classmates in whatever lame game they play these days.  Frisbee balancing.  Quiddich?  Shadow Tag?

Doesn't matter.  They will all get the same cheesy participant ribbon.  "Congratulations:  you are breathing."

In my day we had 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Fourth place was you're fired.

I have arranged a play date at a friends for right after school and then a babysitter until late night.  With the help of social networking I weasled into a free show at Bowery Ballroom for the next great thing:  Caveman band.  Seriously, people, get on the bandwagon!!!

Now I am relatively new to Twitter but I find it fascinating.  You can follow me @ Suburbandad23 should you use the tool.  Pop culture icons and has beens all have plenty to say, and I eat it up like soft serve vanilla with rainbow sprinkles.  Whether it is Stephen Colbert suggesting he cannot with certitude confirm if a picture is part of his body or Adrianne Curry updating us on her divorce from Peter Brady...  I am compelled.  And please don't get me started on Alyssa Milano and her pregnancy.  Awesome!

Following bands for someone like me is essential too.  That is what led me to the invite for tonight.  Caveman tweeted they will be the house band for some John Varvatos thing.  All you had to do was email an rsvp and you are in.  Naturally, when you think men's fashion and music I have to be there.  What?  Cargo pants and ratty tees are not Varvatos' thing?  Whatev.  Free drinks and music my friend.  Belee dat.

All this after I was taken to lunch by perspective vendors.  Union Carpenters no less!!!  Should I play the lottery now?

I would, but I am sure the other foot will drop any moment now.  And yes, it will land squarely on my throat.

That is what the medication is for.  And I think the next dosage will be administered t minus 1 hour.

If conscious and alert look for the concert review tomorrow.  Then Jimmy Eat World at Wellmont Saturday.

Summer concert series starts....  now!!!

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And please become a follower on Twitter @ Suburbandad23 and at this blog directly.  Thanks as always for the support and continued reading.  God knows there are plenty of other (better) things to do.

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