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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Only Child

I have often lamented having only one child can present several issues.  Mainly, there can be a constant need for attention.  Every story and thought has to be shared.  Every attempt at entertainment must include you.  Hardly anything to bitch about, but tiring to say the least.  There are times I just don't want to have a contest or race as it pertains to eating or getting dressed.  And I am the first to admit that I get too bothered when asked to guess something.

"Guess what I did today?"  "Guess what Jack said to Ms. X?"  "Guess what the score is?"

I have been left guessing too many times in recent history.

Guess where the mortgage payment is coming from?  Guess where you are sleeping tonight?  Guess what you just paid to fill the tank?

Sometimes I just want a declarative sentence.  Think I am getting that this evening.

Having an only child can be most rewarding.

And I am not ashamed to say it speaks to how selfish I am.  After a 4 hour play date earlier today that freed us up to hit Target and watch chess documentaries, we are now hosting a sleepover.  For the record, Bobby Fischer Against the World is, like Mr. Fischer himself, fascinating.  Should you have HBO I encourage you to take a look.  For additional info:  How many quality movies can be made with his name in the title?  I never pretend to be a historian, but I dare you to find more a more compelling American figure in the past 30 years.   I totally relate to genius and how haerd it can be to deal with mere mortals.

Now let me get back to wasting away at the computer watching videos.  Where was I?  Oh, yes, selfish me.  I happen to like some down time.  I happen to like my life and personality.  If I want to listen to music or shoot some baskets so be it.  Maybe I want to have a drink with friends, catch a show.  Tonight, I get to spend the evening with the woman I love.  And she will be the only one asking questions.  I can handle them (for the most part.)

These evenings need not end when children enter the picture?   For the first few years I willfully concede it does.  There are times I still wonder how we made it through the toddler stage.  Working 4 am to 7am.  Watch child as wife works 12 hour day.  Go back to work at night.  Is it any wonder we got further apart?  We were living entirely different lives all the while raising a child.  Umm, a bit unhealthy I think.

And how many others are doing the same thing?

The dust settles and you might realize the only thing keeping you there was history.  That can be trouble.

Don't get me wrong, I think of raising a son and all the joy that would provide.  I know my wife questions it and might regret all of it and resent me more as time moves on.

Tonight I enjoy seeing my only child bond with her best friend.  She laughs and goofs around watching horrible Miranda Cosgrove vehicles.  A young woman in the making.

And I can sit back and relax a bit on a rainy Saturday night.  I look forward to The Decemberists on Tuesday.  I imagine possible set lists and question whether we might be able to crowbar a trip to the Botanical Gardens.

I search for more tracks from a new discovery, Cut/Copy, and once again question why I gravitate to super queer soft music?

Any way you look at it all is good.

Until it isn't.

Music from tonight's blog included:   (I am stealing from Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl playbook)

Cut/Copy:   Crazy how I cannot get enough of this.  And the video is too cool.  You can do anything!!!  It is sooooo  1984 and you don't even know it yet.

Think Phoebe Cates and Ally Sheedy getting ready for prom.  Judd Nelson is somewhere working on a car.  Paul Gleason is burying his head in a drink.  If there was ever a montage scene song this is it.  I can see myself writing a screenplay with this song as the only inspiration I need.  If I only had an original thought.

Also listened to the aforementioned Decemberists.  Colin Meloy is not for everyone.  I however, am sold.  Hoping these tracks make the playlist in a few nights.   Check in late next week for a review.  I start with Best Coast as they are opening up.

Best Coast:  "Boyfriend"  Live at Coachella   Chicks singing, drumming and rocking.  Dig it x 10.

Decemberists:  "16 Military Wives"   My wife's favorite, and who can blame her.  Horns bring a nice full sound to the proceedings.

"Sons and Daughters"  Seems appropriate as I wrote of children this evening.  Like that Meloy works dirigibles and cinnamon into the lyrics.  Heard them do this live in Montclair a few years back and they brought the house down.  Always a sucker for the slow progression.

"This is Why We Fight"  Favorite song from their new album and maybe of the year thus far.  Can listen to it over and over.

And I spoke to soon...  getting told I should go to my room now so the sleepover can be parent free on the lower floor.  Sent to my room?  Right, not a punishment at all.


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