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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Was gonna get all political, but a gushing music blog followed...

It has happened a few times in my life.  See a concert, get a bit pissed the band plays mostly new material, then proceed to fall in love with the songs I bitched about.

Exhibit A, June 2011, The Decemberists "The King is Dead."  I will not go through it again as I spent a fair amount of time on it last week.  But if there is anyone out there who ever liked a  Neil Young album, or Paul Westerberg, or John Hiatt,  or REM...  So many influences yet most distinctive.  Alt meets Pop meets Hillbilly meets fun.  Start to finish a success and I am a better person for knowing it.

Notable tracks:  "This is Why we Fight"

"Rise to Me" Here live and awesome!!!  I couyld very easily see this on "Exile on Main St" or anything Willie Nelson was doing in the 70s.  Expert songwriting, steel pedal and harmony.  Doesn't hurt that my name is mentioned.  Dying for Emmylou Harris to duet with Colin Meloy somewhere in the near future.  Crack open a Pabst, ease into the easiest of chairs, and chillax.

"Down by The Water" feat Gillian Welch from Conan Live.  Indigo Girls, KD Lang and all things in between on this piece of saccharine pop goodness.  Nothing overwhelming or for complex for that matter.  Straightforward and fun.  I am not gonna argue.  Also, a bit partial to the harmonica neck thing.  I imagine if I had any ability I might want to do that.  I would probably wear a bad flannel too.
"Calamity Song"  live from Jimmy Kimmel  Liked that Meloy has offered Michelle Bachmann this track for her campaign.  More pop candy and nothing more.  Extra points because they hit it out of the park live, in whatever they do.  No producer using auto tune and massive overdubs.  These guys can play and perform.  Pay close attention to the bass line that keeps everything together.

Enough said, you have far worse on that ipod.  I mean seriously, did you just download Pitbull/J Lo??  Shame on you.

One more while I am surfing the web:  Civil Twilight live version of "Is Anybody Out There?"  This was the first track they played 2 weeks back and it set the tone.  It is not if, but when I see them again.

Funny, after all that I forget why I even sat here.  I could refer to my note pad.  But now, with the amazing Dr Dre Beats ( pounding the tunes into my altered brain, I think not.

I can get into gay marriage, teachers salaries, Roger Ebert taking heat for stating the obvious, why all field hockey coaches all look like Richard Marx (circa 1986), and a host of other nonsense.

Not tonight...  another hour home alone.  Seize that moment and don't let go.

And a find another:  DAMN!!!  This is an incredible version of "Letters from The Sky."

And another:

New Zealand's Naked and The Famous new track live:  "Punching in A Dream" All sorts of MGMT present here but chick can bring it.  Big voice and good synth stuff going on here.  I was reluctant to get on this bandwagon but more and more I am seeing myself going to their fall show.  Blast you YOUTUBE!!!

Shout out to the boys from LA Foster the People too.  Seeing them in August and a trusted source told me they destroyed Bowery last night.  That bodes well.

You decide:  Pumped Up Kicks  from Jimmy Kimmel  Think I might have to source some mushrooms for this show.  They still around?  Terrific bass line here too.

"Helena Beat"  Scissor Sisters may have started all this club beat, alt groove, lady beat...  but it has been improved.

And special props to Jimmy Kimmel for having these acts play out during final credits.  Leno is a fraud and Letterman, although great with getting talent on, never allows a second track.  Great sound quality and terrific exposure for these up and coming bands.  Play on Mr Kimmel and thanks!!

I could do this for hours...  but I will spare you.

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