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Friday, June 3, 2011

Caveman at CBGB's, but not really...

I mentioned the power of social networking yesterday, and today I am more a believer.  Last night I was fortunate enough to finally step foot in the legendary CBGB's nightclub.  I had heard years ago that the designer John Varvatos bought the property and turned it into a retail space.  That is very much true.  However, once a month he hides the clothing and erects a stage for live music.  If you rsvp to the event you are admitted for free (open bar too: although limited in selection...  Heineken and pre-made Cosmos were last nights seclection.)  Not a big deal as the price is right.  When is it you get free drink and music in NYC?

Not often.  Please use this resource should you want to catch one moving forward:  Good events for the BEST price in and around the NYC area.

I have praised the band from Brooklyn for months now, and I will not bore you all with more of the same.  Long story short, another stellar 45 minute set.  Happy to hear from their guitarist "Cobra" after the show that a debut LP is slated for an August release.  If all goes well I would expect to hear 'Decide" on Sirius XM or Alt Nation in weeks.  Although, "Old Friend" or "December 28th" would also play nicely on radio stations everywhere.  I readily admit this is a band far more suited for live performance than contemporary radio play.  Their mix of tribal beat, jazz and rock is very hard to classify.  The live shows quite good though.  Stop taking my word for it and get off your couch.  They are playing an NYC Booze Cruise June 25th.  Should I get more detail I will surely post it.

Great just walking NYC last night.  I have not walked the Lower East Village in years.  Mulberry St had a street fest which provided some laughs and over indulgent treats.  We did some shopping along Broadway and finally ended up in Uniglo .  Big, crazy store that I literally had never heard of.  It is a mash up of American Apparel/Gap/Top Shop.  AS I am not much into clothing and fashion by me saying I might buy a thing or two from there should serve as my highest endorsement.  I was even able to ignore the rampant freak show quotient (customers more than employees.)   Well I guess if I saw them I didn't really ignore them.  But they didn't bother me enough to leave the store.  Is that progress?  And I found a good head shop street vendor across the street too!!  Good stuff.

I was also encouraged by the line (YES, LINE!!!) to enter the New Museum of Contemporary Art.  Also on Bowery, this place looks super cool. Who knew???  This will be the first educational trip as a family once school ends.  Which, gulp, is way too soon. 

All I was missing was my capri's and fancy, overpriced sunglasses and you could have mistaken me for some goofy French tourist.  Since when was Bowery the West Village?  Or at least this gentrified???  The Bowery Mission looks downright out of place anymore.

Needless to say I am way too tired and feeling too old for all this juvenile behavior.  Thankfully I have softball to distract me this evening.  With only 8 girls coming tonight and a daughter still nursing a fracture does the squad have a chance?  And I know the other team wants revenge for the beating we handed them earlier in the year.  Fun indeed. 

The weather is terrific.  The weekend is here.  Go enjoy it everyone.

Will spare you all Guilty Pleasures this week as I am not certain anyone cares about them.  Should anyone really want/like the musical and/or other pop culture pics I provide give a yell.  And always feel free to offer up your own suggestions.

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