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Friday, June 24, 2011

Download This (brought to you by the letter B)

Still reeling from an endless birthday celebration day (read: month!!!)

Next week full day camp begins so I can thankfully get back to work!!!  Sad I actually miss dealing with shelving emergencies and long, unfulfilling commutes.  Thankfully when I am back at it my trusted music sources will be there to make it a little more worthwhile.  You can count on some of these tracks making the "suckish Monday morning mix." 

Slowish Nancy Boy tracks:

I catch a fair amount of heat because I am partial to Sirius XM's Spectrum channel.  Admittedly, it is as soft as my pick-up basketball defense.  David Gray and Dave Matthews and Coldplay and the like.  Nothing progressive or hard at all.  What do you want from me?  I grew up with Culture Club and Duran Duran ruling the charts. 

That said, I have been worn down by a few notable tracks/artists lately.  First up, Northern California's Brett Dennen.  Now 4 albums in, and with some notable TV soundtrack work, Mr Dennen has won me over.  A guitar, some smart lyrics, and a voice that only a mother could love.  Right up my alley.  And thank you Spectrum for not having a video feature.  He is an odd looking fellow.  Like I should talk.  Live version of "Sydney" from his latest album LoverBoy  "Makes You Crazy"  So soft and creepy I am almost ashamed to include it.  "There is So Much More"  I am being fitted for a new skirt as I write this.

While I am getting all sensitive I bring you Regina Spektor.  Russian born and Brooklyn raised, Ms Spektor compliments Dennen pretty well.  Unusual voice and piano rather than acoustic guitar.  They both sing the high notes.  Again, not a new act.  She has been making records/music for about 10 years.  She gets extra credit because her last two years of high school were spent in Fair Lawn, NJ.  Travis Bickle pretended he lived there, didn't he?  Some good stuff here:  "Fidelity"  Her biggest hit to date.  "Us"  If you saw (500) Days of Summer you will notice this one.  "You Don't Know Me at All" featured with Ben Folds.  Terribly disturbing video that Spektor does not appear in.  But the song rocks and you need not see her to get the idea. 

And since I left off with Ben Folds, allow me to bring some more B songs from the archives. 

Band of Horses:  Still stinging from not seeing them open for Pearl Jam last year.  Pacific Northwest angst and longing.  Grunge with a heart.  "The Funeral"  My favorite.  "Detlef Schrempf"  Be patient with this one.  Lots of effort and hard work.  Much like the Sonics forward it is named after.  "Is There a Ghost"  Haunting and fulfilling.

Beth Orton:   English songstress who is notable for this song.  There are others, but who has the time.  "Stolen Car"  Indie film director Hal Hartley directs.  Simple and effective.

Boy Least Likely To:  English boys create catchy tune.  It plays forever and finds immorality in the underrated and laugh out loud funny Baby Mama.  "Be Gentle With Me"

The Bravery:  New York Hipsters who play well live and think we too much of themselves.  They can bring it though.  "Believe"  "Time Won't Let Me Go"  Will bring out the nostalgia in you.  "Honest Mistake"  HUGE 80s influence here and elsewhere in their catalog.  Throw the Members Only jacket (or if you were like me Club Member: too poor for official one) and jam.

Broken Bells:  Much has been made of this so-called supergroup.  James Mercer (brains behind The Shins) and Danger Mouse (brains/producer behind nearly everyone else) form this power duo.  Needless to say the beats are infectious, the songwriting: expert, and songs first rate.  It is rumored all of their other side projects are over.  If their first album is an indicator of things to come, good for us.  "The Ghost Inside"  w/ Christina Hendricks of Mad Men.  Can someone please explain her breasts to me???  They can't be real right???  "The High Road"  performed live and incredibly!!! 

Lots of Bs I find.  Might have to continue it next week.  Until then off to more softball, and softball, then softball. 

Will maybe try this tomorrow: anyone want to join? 

Happy Weekend.


  1. Another B for you... Bon Iver
    Songs to listen to...Perth, Calgary, Skinny Love, Flume
    Sampling :
    ...would add to the iPod for sure.

  2. Yes, good stuff indeed. Particularly like Calgary. Thanks!!!