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Monday, June 13, 2011

On Half Days, LeBron, and end of Season softball...

Last week of school and of course their are 4 half days.  In fact, we just got an email saying Thursday is earlier than a half day.  Assembly at 10:30 with dismissal right after.  To which I ask...  why go at all?  Is there any learning going on?  They have a party tomorrow during the half day so I think it is fair to call that day a wash.

We were able to get some homework/cry session in last night in between all the activities.  It is a tremendous time to add fractions/division to the mix during the final week.  I bit my lip for as long as I could before pleading with my daughter to listen to me regarding the work she was handing in.  She would not do it.  Consequently she handed incorrect work in this morning.  I know I will be blamed.

Seems like I have been taking the blame for our softball team loses too.  Last night we dropped a 3-1 decision.  We come into tomorrow's playoffs as the 3 seed.  Not bad, but we probably could have done better.  If all goes well we will be playing tomorrow, Thursday and hopefully Friday for the Championship.  Add in last nights game and a concert in NYC tonight this week is crazy busy.  So, half days are off NO use.

Did I mention Thursday is the 9th birthday sleepover extravaganza??  It is.  And if we have a game I have no idea how we are going to make it all work.  8 girls sleeping over in our modest house will certainly be fun, and exhausting.  Tempted to provide my home address so my loyal readers can send any unused pharmaceuticals my way.  Summer cannot come soon enough.  Then I will bitch and moan about all the drama that brings.  Can't be any worse.  I do not sleep now so no biggie.  Least my jump shot was falling last night.  I will try to forget the forced 35 footer at game point I missed badly.

Which brings me to LeBron James and the Miami Heat...  I said it when he signed and I will reiterate it now...  he was in a no win situation the moment he left Cleveland.  Win a championship or several in Miami and everyone will say:  "Of Course, you are surrounded by legends and are a legend yourself.  To not win is unacceptable."  And if the Heat lose, well, you see what happens.  "How could you not win?  What happened? "  I even watched game 6 in its entirety and he looked nothing like the man I saw in Cleveland.  Somewhere between bored and disinterested is what LeBron resembled most.

And that speaks to coaching, and intensity, and drive.  Jason Kidd, Jason Terry and Dirk Nowitzki WANTED it more.  They are deserving champions.  I want to hate Mark Cuban, I really do.  But all he has done is taken a moribund franchise and given it life.  He has filled the arena year after year and brought them a Championship.  Mad Dog Russo said it well yesterday in his monologue:  Sunday was a great day for American Sports.  Teams can overcome superstars.  Teamwork is the foundation for success.  LeBron tweeted something about "God saying it isn't his time" and "For all of you who rooting against me I'm gonna keep being me" yesterday.  This all speaks to his immaturity.  God, should he exist, certainly does not care about the NBA Finals.  Although he might be curious that its TV ratings were through the roof.  And we all could care less that he is going to continue being LeBron.  He is rich, and could do whatever he wants.  So what?

We want our superstars to WIN!!!  And if they cannot do it they should at least give everything they have.  Karl Malone and John Stockton did all they could for the Utah Jazz several years ago but were always a bit short.  I will remember them more fondly than James.  In fact, the Cavs of the 80s garner more respect these days.  No Jordan over Craig Ehlo moment this year I am afraid.  That suits me just fine.

And please get yourself in front of NBC tomorrow night to watch the Stanley Cup Final.  Game 7.  Best of 1.  It has been a very weird series so far.  Each team has won at home as it heads to Vancouver.  As much as I hate Boston I think they have what it takes to sneak the road win and hoist the greatest trophy in sport.  Tim Thomas Finals MVP in a very tight game:  2-1 Bruins.

Boy that hurts just writing it.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a review of Decemberists in Brooklyn.  The dreaded 2 trips to NYC in one day event.  Should be fun, if not rainy.  As I keep telling folks, you only live once.  Start living and have a great week!!!

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