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Thursday, June 16, 2011

School is Out... (gulp)

A bittersweet day for sure.  I enjoyed the gym sing-a-long to celebrate the final day.  Fortunate we have a guitar playing Monsignor who really seems to care.  Having done the Parochial school thing most of my life there is a certain nostalgia I get inside the school walls.  Then, the joy of seeing my daughter rush to show me her report card.  Her smiling and hugging teachers and classmates.  Last week she told me of her yearbook signing.  One boy has caught her attention, although she would never admit it.  She said "Dad, I wrote this in his yearbook:  I can't believe I am writing it, but HAGS!" 

I asked her, "What does HAGS mean?" 

"Dad (in exasperated voice), it means Have a Great Summer!!" 

Of course.  Now I am the out of touch dad.  Just a matter of time before I am wearing high black socks with white Keds.

And why today did she feel the need to lotion herself, put perfume on and some lip balm?  Could she possibly be turning into a young woman?  Maybe this summer will move more rapidly than I am ready for?

She has the wild mood swings and advanced maturity?  Maybe time to look for a safe house in preparation for puberty.  It is established I am very poor at manage women's expectations.  Last thing I am prepared for is another woman in the house.

And these days summer is not really a cakewalk for a 9 year old.  Especially with parents like us. You know the type, they work and stuff.

Next week 3 hr lacrosse camp.  6.27 thru 7.8 camp at local high school. That camp runs all day and is a few towns over.  Not ideal, but necessary.  Week of 7.11 is right now wide open.  Huge question marks here.  Grandparents?  NYC interning for a few days?  Pay for a babysitter?  However you cut it that week will have some suckish moments.

The following week is basketball camp at another high school not altogether close.  That will bring us to vacation 1.  A few days tucked away in the Poconos.  Could be good but I am concerned about internet connections.  At this point I cannot be away from civilization.  What if Snooki gets arrested or something? 

Damn, I am not even into August and I am exhausted writing about it.  I did not even mention the summer travel softball leagues: for both wife and daughter!!  Thankfully I get a break from coaching, although I have assumed General Manager role for wife's team.  Think Buttermaker from the 3rd row.

Oh, and don't get me started on the schoolwork.  That's right, I think we will be reading, doing computer work and/or tutoring at least 5 days a week.  There are mandatory assignments with a timeline.  Heading into 4th grade seems to be headed toward a speed my Nancy boy behind is ill prepared for.  Hate to speak out of both sides of my mouth; but either go to school year round or curb the summer work!! 

Bla, bla, bla.  Big cry baby has a tough life.  Who doesn't?  I think it is fair to wonder if there is a better way.  Probably because if I didn't I would be lying in the fetal position sucking my thumb.

Quick Stanley Cup Recap:

Look to the archives and you will note I predicted a Bruins victory.  Granted, my 2-1 prediction was a touch off, you get the point.  As soon as Nathan Horton was knocked out of the Finals on a vicious, senseless hit by Canuck Aaron Rome, that series changed.  I love physical play and the aggression NHL hockey brings.  But you have got to be careful to harness emotion.  Otherwise, as we have seen here, the opponent can seize momentum and turn the tables.

Boston did nothing the first few games in Vancouver.  In a moment that all changed.  Horton goes down and Boston outscores the Canucks 21-3 the rest of the way.  And last night's pivotal game 7 was not competitive.

Goalie Roberto Luongo was dejected and not confident.  The stellar offense and power play went missing.  Apparently the crowd was outside too, because I did not hear a thing once Boston scored first.  Way to stand behind your team Vancouver?  Perhaps they were building up all their hatred for Commish Gary Bettman?  They made his Stanley Cup presentation a joke by booing him off mic.  The fans were quick to cheer after going up 2-0.  In an instant they were gone.

Until that is they rampaged the streets.  Seriously, riot gear and teargas required to stop fans from destroying the City?  Embarassing and shameful, just like their team.

All this from a Boston hater!!  Now that town has another Champion.  Celtics, Patriots and Red Sox have all tasted recent successes and here we celebrate their Hockey club.  Jeez, if this all isn't an indication of End Days I do not know what is.

Now, onto baseball season.  For me, more misery.  I took a look at the standings for the 1st time in a while today.  Who do you think roots for the worst team in baseball?

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