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Friday, June 10, 2011

Download This

Last full day of school for the little one.  Maybe the last time I can have 2 hours on a Friday to change perspective, listen to music alone and write.  I will take advantage.

No secret I question who, if anyone reads this.  My stats indicate I have readers in Poland, Norway, and I low up in Denmark.  Could be an elaborate hoax or my delusions.  Either way I know I have hated "Guilty Pleasures" for a bit now.  The more I wrote under the name I felt like a fraud.  Nothing guilty about me liking Kesha or The National.  I am happily all over the map and not afraid to accept the scorn that comes with it.  Music and art can save lives.  Should you get off listening to Shania Twain and Foreigner, have the hell at it.  These days I am happy discovering talent.  Realizing most assuredly that I am "an aging hipster."  So out wit da old and in wit da new.

Should you care, should you be curious, give these bands/songs a shot.  Maybe you find a something for the ride to grandma's next week, or Parkway South, 80 West, OBX, Hamptons, et al...

Download this:

Since I am listening to them now and still affected by their show last weekend...  please start with A Civil Twilight.  Who knew South Africa had anything other than Artists Against Apartheid  Their live act was brilliant and their debut album is  a seamless marriage of power and finesse.  To wit:  "Anybody Out There" and "Letters from The Sky"

Since I am on the other side of the World, take a look at Australia's Cut/Copy.  Techno homage to Manchester 1985 and real good at it.  See:  "Need You Now."  If this isn't big hair, black clothes wearing, head bopping pre-game drive to house party I don't know what is???  Fun, campy video too.  Holy S%^* I just flashed back to 7th grade dance.  Think I got to 2nd base.  (lies)

Cambridge, MA elctropop band Passion Pit has its debut album out.  And as much as I have wanted to hate "Sleepyhead" grew on me.  Really have nothing to say or no defense.  Sorry:

Kentucky's Cage the Elephant does not embarrass me at all.  Their 2nd album, Thank You, Happy Birthday provides several highs and the race is on to catch them live.  All indications are those shows are amazing.  Given there studio work is high energy, I can understand why.  Some notable tracks: "Shake Me Down", "In One Ear", and "Back Against The Wall."

Classic Recommended Downloads:

Ok, so classic could be 5 years ago, but nonetheless.

A few years back I had an infatuation with Doves.  The band, not the bird.  Although the birds are quite striking.  All the English trio has is some rocking grooves and smarty songwriting.  If you haven't heard of them before, see/hear what you might have missed. v=KqlIFLb6jU0 "Catch The Sun," "Words", and "There Goes the Fear."

Dan Wilson has been in the business forever.  He will forever be linked with SemiSonic and their huge hit "Closing Time."  He will be less known for writing and producing.  He won a Grammy working with the Dixie Chicks, and  has written for Adele and Josh Groban.  I happen to think his album "Free Life" is amazing.  A few of my favorites:, "Free Life", "Cry",  and why not, here is some SemiSonic, at NOT "Closing Time" : "Breatless (live.)  In a side note, I may have read 1 book in the past 5 years (I know, sad and pathetic) but it was the brilliant "So You Wanna be A Rock Star" by SemiSonic drummer Jake Slichter.  Worth a read:

Not much to say about Lucinda Williams.  She rocks, you listen.  One of my daughter's early favorites: "Joy", "Righteously", "Car Wheels on A Gravel Road", and 'Drunken Angel."  All live versions and you can understand why.

Finally, I should leave with Guster.  Another Boston area band with a long history and plenty of quality. Having released their 6th record last year I think it high time we give them a hand.  Folksy, good natured alt rock and I like it.  3 selections here from 3 different albums.  Crack one open and enjoy the weekend.  "One Man Wrecking Machine"  "Satellite"  "Architects and Engineers"

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  1. Amazing. Checked out all (unfortunately not all links iPad friendly), but regardless, all amazing music picks! Your readers thank you for sharing.
    Danke. Takk. Dziękuję. Gracias. Grazie. Merci. Thanks.