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Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanskgiving Break

The Starbucks red cups have been in use since November 1st.  Every major retail window in NYC is decorated as if Santa is coming tomorrow.  It appears many stores are going to be open on midnight Black Friday rather than the more pedestrian 4am or so we have grown accustomed to.

Far be it for me to step on the toes of merchants and capitalists these days...  but can we all slow the hell down???

This is after all the week we should take a look at what is important, no?

Give thanks for mothers willing to take time out of there day and spend time with the grandchild so folks like me can see a rock show.

Not, give thanks for the great deal on the new Sony LCD 3-D TV that will be obsolete next year this time anyway.

Give thanks for your health and the health of your friends and family.

Or perhaps take a moment to think about the poor folks who have to cut there Thanksgiving meal short so they can get ready to open Target at midnight so us countless buffoons trample their underpaid and under-appreciated asses so we can buy the last "Screw My Wallet Elmo."

Can this be a week of slow reflection?

Can bargains wait until the weekend?

Can we learn to slow down and appreciate your fellow man?  You fellow customer service worker?  Your co-workers?  Dare I say, your family?

Perhaps I am biased a bit because I was born on Thanksgiving, but really, isn't it the best American holiday?

Christmas and Easter play to Catholics and Christians so that obviously hurts with those who don't believe in Jesus.  July 4th and New Years are great, but they can be affected by weather, and drunking amateurs.

Thanksgiving is food and football and naps and NO expectations.  We are simply away for a few days to decompress.  Should a fine meal, great conversation and camaraderie naturally occur we chalk that up to good karma.   But in reality we expect someone to get annoyed or drink too much.  Inevitably an aunt or uncle will say something they shouldn't have.  And that is a great thing.

We need not worry about the gift being the wrong size.  There are no awkward moments when you realize you forgot to get your niece a gift.

Eat, drink, be merry.  The beauty is you can do it all sitting on your favorite couch (ideally.)

As the year 2012 hurries by us take time to thank all that is good and right with your World.  Chances are you will be more compelled to stay home and cherish those nearest you rather than chase that bargain at Wal-Mart half drunk Thanksgiving night.

Least, that's what I plan on doing.

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