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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Talking Points and Listening Suggestions

The Chatham, NJ public school system will not open this week.  There are still thousands of folks (all around the East Coast) without electricity after Saturday's record setting storm.

The wet leaves mixes with a heavy snow downed countless trees and caused severe damage.

But shouldn't we have the capability to correct these issues sooner?  Is this a small scale Katrina?  That is, does it further illustrate how America (in every part of this country) is unable to handle/maintain crisis?

Texas had wildfires that spread and remained untouched for several months this summer.  Could a better effort been made?  Did they have to do as much destruction?  Hmm

It was determined that JCP& L visited Madison, NJ about 36 hours after the blackout occurred this weekend.  Surely they could have someone assess the situation sooner, no?

If 1955 Madison had 6 inches of snow in October would it have caused such a calamity?  Would it have accepted JCP&L's erratic and unfathomable excuse.  They needed a rep from the non-operational train system to hold a flag before work could commence.  Of course they did.

The scorecard seems to suggest we are failing not only in the large scale banking world (see: sub-prime mortgages, Madoff, etc.) but on Main St too.

Volunteer fireman are relieved of their duties and fires tend to spread, stay active.

We put less emphasis on trades and services and soon utility companies are undermanned/underperforming.

We overestimate the value of a college education and we produce countless practically useless Psych and Communications majors.  Worse, they graduate in a mountain of debt they may never get out of because Abercrombie and Fitch does not pay well.  Luckily their folks don't charge rent.

There is a movement out there.  It is strong enough to stop Bank of America from fleecing you.  It is resilient enough to Occupy Wall Street and raise its voice.

Problem might be it does not know what is it fighting for?  Or with whom?

In the Meantime there are plenty of musical distractions for you these days.

Tori Amos and Florence and the Machine both put out new records.  It is easy to link these two flame-haired songstresses together.  Their hair color is but one of their similarities.  They both happen to rock too.

Florence and The Machine "What the Water Gave Me""

No upcoming dates but plenty of info here:

Tori Amos "Carry"
"Job's Coffin"   A collaboration with her 11 year old daughter  Natashya Lorien Hawley .  What a freaking voice on this kid!!!  

Ms Amos will perform locally next month.  For those dates and more:

Canadian singer Feist has a new record too.  Tough to follow the SMASH "1,2,3,4" and its amazing video:

You could do worse though...
"How Come You Never" here from David Letterman

She will appear at the Brooklyn Academy of Music 11.2

Keeping with the ladies please take a look at Louisiana's Givers.  It's a collaboration for sure, but Tiffany Lamson stands out.

"Meantime"  Infectious jamming with a nod to Dave Matthews amongst others.  Givers play overseas for the winter but will sure to be back soon.  Take a listen!!!

LA's Dum Dum Girls have a nifty, 60s vibe to them.  There second album, Only in Dreams has created a good buzz.  With songs like "Bedroom Eyes" and "Coming Down" it is no wonder.  Girl Power!!!
"Bedroom Eyes"
"Coming Down"  Mazzy Star has to be a little mad.

For upcoming shows and more:

Finally, a moment about Zooey Deschanel...  It is confirmed she and Death Cab for Cutie husband Ben Gibbard are officially separated.  This, to an alt hipster dufus, is FAR bigger news than Kim K and that tall guy who doesn't play for the Nets.  Now maybe she can go back to making bad sit coms and good music, like she does here with She and Him (the him being alt folk hero M. Ward.)

"In the Sun"
"Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?"
"The Fabric of My Life"    That's right, this is the cotton commercial!!!

For more info on She and Him:

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