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Friday, November 11, 2011

Paterno, Veterans and Your weekend soundtrack enhanced

My sister posted something clever regarding a certain story that transfixed the nation this week.  "So, anything ELSE to talk about this week???"
Have we had enough coverage folks?  ESPN has so many folks in State College, PA they could probably rationalize another sister station.  ESPN Worst Humans Ever Network.

What exactly are we surprised at here?  That the awful atrocities could have possibly taken place?  No, we have all lived through enough evils to comprehend the realities.  We need not accept them, but it should not surprise us.

Could it be the falling of an icon?  An inglorious end to an illustrious career?  Hardly.  Isn't it we are all waiting for anyway?  Aren't we disappointed when it ends happily.  Lou Gehrig seemingly went out as classy and dignified as we could all hope for.  Then he died shortly thereafter. 

Allow me to argue/defend agism.  Joe Paterno is an 84 year old man employed to lead 18-25 year olds in a world very much different than the one he grew up in.  He does not use social media.  He has been injured and frail so often lately he cannot even coach from the sidelines.  He thought by resigning and telling the trustees not to bother wasting anymore time on it the situation would die. 

This is a man clearly out of touch.  Much like he was when he heard of a horrific child rape and thought the only play was to tell the Athletic Director.  This, after his subordinates let the accused live to finish the assult and systemically carry out others for years after. 

If one man is so powerful that a University president and all its staff is unable to report a crime to the police it is time for that man to leave.

Right and wrong is not only defined by holding penalites and out of bounds calls.  Turns out there are REAL kids and young men who need an example set outside the playing fields.  That might mean turning in someone from the inner circle.  Doing what is required legally is not the ONLY alternative. 

It has become chic to suggest 1 bad act can hardly wash away 60 odd years of good work.  Bull***!

Who cares about the countless linebackers Mr Paterno taught at this moment in time?  Tell that to the young boys who were assaulted AFTER the inital report.

"Sorry son, he may have had a moral obligation, but did you see what his defense did to Vinny Testaverde?"

Hypocrisy at its lowest level.  How can it not remind you of the Catholic Church (Paterno's religion?) 

"Problem?  Us?  No way.  We are as pure as can be."  Maybe not.  Or, likely not.  Right, not at all.

Wake me up when we can look at a sports program, or political institiution, or hedge fund, and find nothing wrong with it.  Better yet don't, let me dream.

Happy Veterans Day
As our military continues to fight invisible enemies and ever changing battlefields a moment to give thanks.  It is quite a country that allows me to conduct a quality meeting with good people, grab a quick and delicious meal, spend some time on a computer typing nonsense while listening to any digital song I could ever want to hear.

It is a better country for you being able to ignore it, shop online, spend time with your family, take a walk without worrying about stepping on a land mine, go outside without a burka on, stroll the mall, buy a house, rent a car, take a flight, see a movie, whatever the hell you like.

Never take it for granted and always be thankful.  This is still a great country, and it is in large part because of our service men and women.  Thanks.

Music Section:

Finally, it has been an eye opening couple of weeks musically.  Lots and lots of good stuff out there these days.  Next week there are (2) live shows on the horizon: Foo Fighters in Newark and Lykke Li in Montclair.  For more info take a look here:  and  Also, one of my new favorites I have been touting all year, Caveman, got their first headlining gig at Bowery Ballroom!!!  The show is 1.20 and tix went on sale today.  I suspect they will sell out.  At $13 a ticket I am urging anyone within earshot to join me/us/Cave people...  For more: It's a Friday people!!!!

In the meantime...  some notable tracks from the 3 very diverse acts listed above and some others you should download, immediately.  Unless you really have to watch more PSU coverage...  or the debacle they call the Republican race...  or whatever the hell passes for entertainment these days.  Ashton Kutcher tweets?  Lady Gaga's wardrobe?  CMA's?  Adam Sandler movies????  Ugh.

Foo Fighters:  "These Days"  A performance from David Letterman.  Great stuff here in terms of both production value and performance.  Dave Grohl is an American gem/icon/hero.  The more success he has I am further reminded how overrated Nirvana/Kurt Cobian is/was.  Grohl did the strong thing and kept living.  We have all benefited from this.  Taylor Hawkins' drumming is off the charts too.

Lykke Li: "Get Some"  Is she Swedish?  Is she Indian?  Who cares?  This is pure pop/rock gold.  Maybe the grooviest song of the year.  "I'm your prostitute, you're gonna get some."  Yes please.

Caveman:  "Thankful"  Moody, hypnotic and easy going rock.  Percussion and bass section so solid with this group.  The more this album enters my bloodstream the better man I become.

She Wants Revenge "Take the World"  Super sounds and an insanely hot video.  Think Madonna's "Justify Your Love" meets Harold Faltemeyer meets The Suicide Girls.  Director/one part of She Wants Revenge duo Adam Bravin has made a video very much equal to the sultry voice and beats created by he and his partner Justin Warfield.  This seems to be a trend...  artists making their own videos... 

like Mute Math's: "Blood Pressure"  Drummer directed/conceived this high energy and visually compelling piece.  Song kicks a little ass too.  Give me these guys over Black Keys anyday!!!

Figures Brit pop/synth act Wolf Gang would wear me down after hearing them for months now.  Indeed, "The King and All Of His Men" is parts Pet Shop Boys, part Robbie Williams and every bit Foster the People meets Naked and the Famous.  Bubble Gum alt: yes please.

Finally, a moment on Ridgewood, NJ's Real Estate.  There 2nd album was released a few weeks back and it is the perfect fall weekend companion.  Think foliage drive soundtrack...  or folding laundry watching the big game...  preparing a nice meal...  mellow background party music...  Good, clean stuff for your not so clean living.

Some choice picks:

"Green Aisles"

"It's Real" 

GO NJ!!!  Represent!! 

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