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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Saturday morning after a lovely date night with my wife I rolled over and caught the news I missed.  These days that means heading to the smart phone.  Emails and instant messages are first.  Then the social media. The routine soon became heartbreaking.

A post by a dear friend asked for thoughts and prayers for their daughter, my goddaughter, after she had been hit by a car the previous night.  The rest you kind of black out.  The details are irrelevant.

Now, it has been years since I visited them (a mere 100 miles away.)  Life is funny that way.  We both went our separate ways several years ago and that tiny distance has felt like a continent away.  But nothing has changes other than distance.  I love them today as I did before.  I would do anything and everything I can for them.  I simply cannot get there as much as I would like.

I moved across town a few years back and rarely see my old neighbors, although I would love to spend time with them every damn weekend if I could.

That I was receiving this horrible news via Facebook is both alarming and comforting.  How can we all expect to maintain these tangible friendships without the help of electronic assistance?  But that is a different discussion.  The frenetic pace in which we live our lives marries itself to social media.  We should all embrace it.

At that instant it was clear I was making a trip south.  A friendship was renewed and an overwhelming feeling of optimism followed.  We can never be there physically for those important people in our lives.  We are responsible to ourselves and family first.  That should be clear.   But social media, although 85% nonsense, gives us the window into our friends lives.  Next thing you know you are sharing a beer with a trusted friend telling him it's gonna be ok.  Life may be an unbearing battle that tests you every step of the way...  but sometimes it's good to know you can get in the car and connect with those who have defined you.  And I mean it, guys, it's gonna be ok.

You have the support of many and your amazing daughter is a fighter.  Stay positive.  Stay strong.  And when her eyes are open you can expect another visit.

Makes the rest of the week/month/year seem somewhat comical.  Look at the news this week.  Gloria Allred is calling more surreal (thanks Benjy Bronk: press conferences.  How is Herman Cain still on anyone's radar???  Forget the harassment charges, has anyone heard him speak???  I am sorry, if you cannot use the English language I do not want you to run the Country.

Exhibit A:  We deserve a more eloquent and grammar savvy speaker.   Go to the 2:35 mark for an abusive attack on the language.  His use of "reject" scares me.  And he really does use the phrase "Ain't gonna happen."  Ugh.

Fact is there are problems with these charges and accusations too.  It is understandable if a young boy is scared to talk about being molested in the showers (I will get to you next JoePa) but a 25 year old woman who has someone try to lift her skirt should know a little better.  Either a) you report it/slap him in the face and press charges IMMEDIATELY or b) ignore it and move on like the countless women who deal with this type of assault every day from us disgusting men.

Hardly seems like the right circumstances to have a photo session/press conference.  What exactly is the end game here?  Maxim spread?  Dancing with the Stars spot?  Couple grand pay off from the Democratic party?  Republican party?

Either way it is cheap, ugly and distasteful.

But not half as distasteful of the news coming out of State College, PA.

It goes without questions that the accused/disgraced coach Jerry Sandusky's alleged actions are the most horrifying thing to come out of this story.  The remaining parties come pretty close in their negligence, apathy and seemingly blind eye.

Did no one realize what was witnessed is wrong?  Was their game plan against Minnesota more important than the innocence of these young boys?  When the man continued to hang around campus and nothing ever came of  what was witnessed no red flag game up?

Could he have abused more kids?  Could he have been doing it all along?

A phone call to your superior satisfied each and every one of them.  Had a man been shot and killed would the reaction been different?  Had a woman getting mugged would a call to the police been in order?

A young boy raped in your locker room shower and the police are not called?  Worse, the assailant is not forcibly removed from the victim and beat unconscious???

And now thousands of Penn State's student body gather on Joe Paterno's street and cheer for him in support?  And Paterno himself shields questions yesterday yet is able to run his team's practice??

He has announced today that he will step down at the end of this season.  Thanks Joe.  Make sure you go out and mold those young boys into men on Saturday afternoon.  Get that W!!!  It is clear that has been your priority all along.

Your example, once revered, has now been forever damaged.  It would be better to admit your negligence and walk away with whatever dignity you have left.  The last thing anyone needs to see is to see you in the coaches box this week, or ever again.

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  1. Love you H. Thanks for being there for us. Seeing you made me happy.