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Thursday, November 17, 2011

10 underrated songs to hold you over

XTC: "Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead"

James Morrison "Under the Influence"

Gomez "Get Miles"

Tori Amos "Cornflake Girl"

REM "Imitation of Life"

Eric B and Rakim "Microphone Fiend"

The D.O.C. "It's Funky Enough"

Bruce Hornsby and The Range "The Valley Road"

Lindsay Buckingham "Go Insane"

Eels "Novocaine for the Soul"

Carry on...

Off to Lykke Li in Montclair...  full review tomorrow and maybe some thoughts on the continuing saga that is Occupy Everything...  Penn State and its abject perversion...  the annoyance of school half days... the Astros move to the American League...  the lack of interest in an NBA lockout...  and whatever else might come up from now to then.

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  1. One Eskimo "Amazing" check it out ... I think you'll like. That's all I have to offer right now. You know me, I like the classic stuff. I have been listening to some vintage Dire Straits lately.