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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why so angry?

Fairly clear over the past few years that I can be a bit judgemental.  For instance, if someone mentions they looovvveee NCIS and Mark Harmon, I might throw my hands up and say "I guess I can't like you then."  If people inundate my Facebook page with animals they are tending to in some imaginary world, they are immediately unfriended.  And don't get me started on cutting in front of me when you can obviously see there are NO cars behind me for miles.  Are people this dense or just total jerks??? 

And why can't I let it go?  Ok, they cut me off.  No biggie.  Take a deep breath and act like an adult.  I can't do it.  No surprise that one of my daughter's first sentences was a pitch perfect imitation of me calling a clueless driver an "effing dbag."  What do you do with a 9 month old who chirps that from the back seat??  I laughed and ignored it.  Let's be honest, profanity is not a big deal.  And I do not buy the argument that by swearing shows your ignorance, lack of sophistication, etc...  If that were the case I would not hear professional journalists use the expression "Whole Nother."  Sorry, I would be far more willing to hear Bill O Reilly say "F you" to someone than tell me the "Taliban is a whole nother problem."  Wrong.  It is another problem.  Or perhaps a whole other problem.  But nother is not a word!!!  Yet we continue to allow this and other malaprops to become part of our language. 

While we are at it let's stop saying he "wears a lot of hats" and "at the end of the day."  Admit it, you have never seen someone wear more than 1 hat.  You see someone wearing more than hat please punch them squarely in the face.  Then collect their remains and lock em up.  And at the end of the day no one sits on their easy chair reflecting on the minutia of their lives.  At the end of the day, they crawl weeping and feeble, into the fetal position for an uneasy and unsatisfied night of "sleep."  What?  That's not typical?

I came across Foster the People's video for "Pumped Up Kicks" yesterday.  MTV has the audacity to edit the lyrics from the video!!!  Wouldn't you know Lady Gaga was next and they have no problem parading her half naked body all over the screen.  Now, I did not look away mind you.  But what is this hypocrisy we have with censoring artists and their freedom of expression?  Foster sings "All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you'd better run, better run, outrun my gun. All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet."  MTV bleeps out gun and bullet."  This song is a statment against gun violence.  He mentions how trivial and plain stupid it is to covet other's possessions.  Like Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" the protagonist has had enough and taken matters into his own hands.  Kids can't hear this message as intended? 

Meanwhile, what the hell our these kids playing in their bedrooms?  Call of Duty?  Grand Theft Auto?  What is MTV showing on primetime?  Snooki smooshing.  Skins. 

Then, the opposite holds true in movie houses nationwide.  The MPAA cannot stand sex and sexuality on screen.  Blue Valentine receives an X rating becuase it depicts sex acts between a husband and wife.  The Saw series is an R no matter how many bodies are mutilated, mauled and mistreated.  Penis bad/Decapitation good.  Should I have not put penis and decapitation in the same sentence?  Sorry.

But getting back to the point I made earlier in the week about European ideals...  we could continue to learn.   The guidelines for France and Italy are far more lax than ours here.  Catherine Breillat or Bernardo Bertolucci need not concern themselves with tonign a scene down in order to appease some bureaucratic stiff.  They present an idea and realize it from paper to film.  Never will there be talk of cutting scenes to get an R rating.  Again, more large groups dictating what and how we see, hear things. 

Have we lost all faith in Americans deciding for themselves?  It is my responsibility to teach MY child right and wrong.   If everything is working correctly I will know what she is watching.  Should she see something objectionable let me worry about the repurcusions. 

I saw Faces of Death at her age and look how well I function.

And why does every morning news show think it so important to tell me "Traffic and Weather together?"  Does it make a difference that they are together?  Can I not get out of bed if say, traffic was on the 4s and weather at the 8s?  I have a feeling I would manage.

And why does Major League baseball insist on allowing runners to steal a base in late innings when holding a lead.  "Difference Indifference."  Tell you what, I am spending $75 a seat to see the best of the best...  I wanna watch a catcher throw someone out.  "Indifference" should never be a term used in sports.  Someone asks me if this shirt looks better than that shirt...  Ok, time for indifference.  Take the Turnpike or Parkway...  Indifference. 

But enough of this stupid and lazy play.  The only indifference I expect from pro athletes is how they use birth control.  Someone is on first base I implore you to keep him there!!!

And here I thought I was in a good mood.  I will get there...  after I first uncover why the hell I can't look the other way.  But that's a whole nother story.

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  1. Come on Hank B., we all know you wear a lot of hats. What comes around goes around, right? I hate that expression, and what the f does "he's holding his own" mean, seriously, what is he holding??? BTW, I let my daughters use "foul language", why? Because it's funny! Why do we have these words if we aren't supposed to use them? Have a great day dude. Love the blog!