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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What am I missing?

There are times (many in fact) where I am left very much in the cold.  A friend the other day responded to my Friday music column asking, quite honestly, where the hell do I hear of these bands???  In other words, mainstream music escapes me.  If American Idol is the gold standard for what is good...  then I am most comfortable being bad.

And I do not discount popular music either.  In a pinch I have listened to my 8 year olds iTouch, and I liked it.  There are some though that truly escape me.  To name a few:  Gorillaz, 30 Seconds to Mars, Black Eyes Peas, My Chemical Romance, Nickelback***, Katy Perry, Daughtry, The Strokes, Maroon 5, Amos Lee, Brett Dennen, Matt Nathanson, Spoon...  I could go on and on.  *** indicates most suckish.

If I stop and think about I might feel bad about myself.  Millions and millions of people tune in weekly to see karaoke singers sing Stevie Wonder songs.  Me and about 1000 people know and like the band Caveman.  Now, as NBC trots out another singing contest, The Voice, my old bones might be ready to head to the museum.  Adam Levine is now and arbiter of taste?  Christina Aguilera??  Some Country dude?  Did I forget to mention I am totally not getting the Country thing?  Don't get me wrong, if I had a few beers in me and walked into The "Red Room" in anywhere USA I would not mind hearing me some Hank Williams.  But will I want to pay money to see him live?  Listen to him on the morning commute?  No, thank you.

his is art of the reason I hate the Black Eyes Peas.  They have their place.  I have enjoyed some of the big hits.  But after seeing them at the Super Bowl, and other awards show events, these guys cannot play.  Far as I can tell Will I. Am goes into a studio, throws things together, and BAM...  record.  The hooks are always there and what he produces often entertains.   But this stuff can't be done live.  So stop trying.  And please stop with the ticket prices!!  This is Broadway stuff, like Madonna and Lady Gaga.  Music is there but secondary.  Image and packaging is far more important. 

I have been listening to Howard Stern playing Lady Gaga's HBO concert this week.  For minutes and minutes she is talking to her "Little Monsters."  Endless rants on "being free" and utter nonsense all while charging her fans hundreds of dollars.  Music is no where to be found.  Sad really.  Her "Little Monsters" resemble naive cattle far more.

Probably just a stubborn, childish resistance to the norm on my part.   Maybe a realization that many folks resign themselves to following, rather than leading.  Sometimes I wonder if our culture was more European how quickly our art and culture would change.  For instance, if we add a 2 hour siesta in our work day.  Would our tastes in movies and music change withing 6 months?  I think so.

Hear me out.  We still have the 40 hour week (obviously far more for the middle class.)  But from noon to 2pm the Country closes.  School kids would be able to have lunch, or whatever at home.  Maybe homework, and some physical activity.  Out by 4pm to finish their days.  Ohm and school is 11 months a year too.  Maybe instead of hugging camp in the Poconos our kids can learn some math so we are not China's be-och in 10 years?  Seriously, what does the United States MAKE these days???  First stop, cut NASA and most government agencies.  Oh, sorry, we were talking abotu music.  Anyway.

Adults do the 9 to 5 thing...  but maybe stay til 6 or 7 with the 2 hour break.  And you can work at home or elsewhere during that 2 hours if you want.  But you could also head home, spend time with your wife, kids, whomever.  And maybe you would have some more time to take care of yourself.  Take a walk through the city/park.  See a movie mid-day by yourself.  I don't think I have done that since college.Put on some music while preparing dinner.   A two hour break for you: to breathe. 

And with everyone enjoying this time to themselves perhaps then a dozen or so studio execs could not throw their musical agenda down our throats.  Do we even know how many people are truly in charge of what we here on the radio?  Less still that control what we see on tv or movie houses.

Maybe because we are all so freaking busy making ends.  Tough to really sit down and think about the Alt-18 countdown when teeth need to be repaired, water needs to be softened, driveways need to be paved, tuition needs to be paid, train tickets...  bla bla bla.

I get it...  long day at the plant, poorly prepared unhealthy dinner consumed, time for the easy chair.

Perhaps there is something else out there?  Perhaps there are those who don't want you to hear it?  See it???

Whatever, who gives a s&*^?  Like what you like and have fun doin it.  Just don't tell me to watch.  I have enough problems.

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  1. Stop your whining and cut the grass at the softball field already. BTW I recorded Glee for you.