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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It has been said I have a short attention span.  Probably true.  But there are days I can bring some focus.  Half days at my daughter's school call on such focus. 

Half days for parent/teacher conferences always seem to be a bit of a slight to working parents.  I get that I live in a town where some (read:lots of!!!) have a single source of income.  Many would argue that mine would fall in that category.  Looking at my pay stub would suggest that, but I do happen to work several hours for it.  Sadly, those hours in New York City...  a few days a week.  Fact is I can't afford to work there.

All that being said, can we agree full days and conferences after hours might be ok 4 times a year?  I think the only time my parents came to school in daylight was to retrieve me from in-school suspension or other deviant, troublesome behaviors I might have been into.  Sensing a trend?

So after scrambling to the 8am conference, dropping off wife @ the train, Stop and Shop, post office, bank, Whole Foods, Toy store, Starbucks X 2, 1 hour work at home (lockers don't fit in freight!!  what to do???), pick up 4 girls for playdate, cook them lunch, laundry, work, some web surfing (nothing offensive- I am babysitting!!), prepare homemade Lasagna for dinner, take kids home, take two to tutoring, come home to eat dinner, back to pick up @ train, drop off and back to CVS, set dvr, back to computer... 

I have time to rant...

Can we put the "Will we or won't we see Bin Laden" pictures to bed already?  Clearly the government does not have folks who can work Photoshop.  Gods knows how we celebrated over his death our folks are not gonna scare seeing my boy with a giant bullet hole in his head.  "Man that's good killin..." 

Gives us all time to talk about Secret Forces and orders to "Only shoot for the head."  The more this story stays in the news the greater concern I have.  I picture a scene from "The Godfather" where Pacino's Corleone sees his opponents, gloating at Sonny's death.  How long before one of his henchmen is pulling rifles from flower boxes?

They got it kinda right.  Kill the bastard, real stealth like.  Verify identity, clean scene, get the hell out.  Dump the body in water.

Move the hell on.  I am no different if he is dead or alive.   Would have been far more impressed had we kept that close to the vest.  I understand Obama has a campaign to run.  This will certainly help his re-election bid.  But strikes me as a bit odd we have made an assassination as juicy a story as Kim Karsdashian's a#$. 

And now, like the Birthers last week, we have more conspiracy theorists.  And I am pretty certain these folks go lower than Dante's lowest circle of hell.  When will I hear Donald Trump say something about why Pinetta has not showed the kill shot.  And do you think the seal cocked his gun kill shot style?

In completely unrelated news...   Why does do professional sports insist on playing music during EVERY break in action.  Between face-offs,  when dribbling up-court, when drinking, coaching, everywhere...  And bad, hair band crap or 90's rap.  Seriously?  10 seconds left and you are hearing "The Final Countdown?"  This song sucked in the 80s.  Now, when the tension is at its apex...  I have to picture a teased haired, spandex wearing, lip-synching he-she?  Let the game breath, please.  I might like to hear the crack of the hat.  The thought of hearing combatants talk to one another is a good thing.  How about the organ???  And no t-shirt rockets either.  I do not want to play the Subway race at the already hideous Yankee Stadium.  Milwaukee's sausage race stays.  7th Inning stretch at Wrigley is also acceptable.  Might let the Luva-Bulls get a pass too.

Silence is not such a bad thing. 

After thinking more of Joy Formidable the other night a few things came to mind.  First, they were very impressive.  Second, I am very much hooked.  Later this week I plan to see Yuck/Caveman at Bowery Ballroom.  Poor house be damned!!!

It provides an exciting and vicarious thrill to see very young bands, kids in fact, start seeing success.  In the case of Yuck they have just released their first album.  Caveman, as I have mentioned prior, are still unsigned.  There is no logical reason I cannot see them both succeed.  Perhaps in an effort to surround myself with drive and determination, I am latching on to music and art, to act as inspiration.

Either way, I urge you to embrace this raw and very fresh sound of tomorrow's rock.  For $13 on Saturday you could join the ride.  That's a tray of Sicilian or 2 gallons of gas, or 3 packs of Silly Bands, maybe 2 Triple Quad Espressos, or a gift card for your daughter's friends birthday, or 12 pack of Guinness, or gallon of milk and ora pound of 93% sirloin, or a one way New Jersey transit ticket to NYC...

Long story short, we all piss money away on far less.

Further reading:   Yuck "Get Away"  Joy Formidable "Cradle"  Caveman "Decide"  live from show @ Bowery

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