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Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day weekend

It can be difficult thinking about the trivial things, like music and tv, when distracted (read:consumed) with the battle to save marriage.  But it is an important exercise to step away from the constant battles, and long talks into the night, and tears, and therapy, et cetera. 

So I continue to seeth at the minutia.  For instance, why do European men insist on wearing Capri's and walk soooo slow in the City.  Since when do people avoid making physical contact when walking those same streets.  I thought when two forces are coming toward one another there is an unwritten rule that each force moves ever so slightly to one side avoiding contact with said force?  And it is the women who are biggest culprits?  Do they want to have my shoulder ram into them?  Is this some sort of power play?  One thing is certain, it is a matter of time before I lay one of these chicks out.  I may not hit the weights or have even the slightest bit of muscle, but I do have enough rage to go lower the shoulder and take the 15 yard penalty.  Think Jack Tatum meets Dakota Fanning on a crossing route.

The seasonal allergy season has passed me, but again I suffered this year.  And I never did as a child.  Is it normal to get allergies for the 1st time when you are in your 30s?  Does that speak to a larger environmental pollutant that is destroying us all?  I could stay outside from morning til well into the night as a kid with no repercussions.  Now, in the 3 minute walk from the house to my green, pollen covered Black car, I struggle to take one breath.   And forget trying to eat a Peach, or Nectarine, or worse yet, Cherries.  Nevemind how much I love each of those fruits...  but if I dare eat, even a washed Organic piece of seasonal fruit...  my mouth seizes up like the Parkway on Holiday weekends.  Up until a few years ago I could eat these things without incident.  Someone please tell me what is going on here.

Since I will be headed to the roads like countless others later I certainly need distraction.  I need some good news.  Maybe wings at Dugan's tonight.  Maybe a clean, fulfilling Guinness to wash it down.  Maybe my in-laws will not gang up and kill me?  I have told friends and I may as well get it out there in print...  should I disappear unexpectedly maybe take a closer look for me?  Tongue and cheek of course, but not really.  You get it right, wink.  But I mean it.

At least there is music.  And when you are gearing up for the dreaded car trip...  maybe take 5 minutes and download the following for your preferred MP3 player.  You could do worse, no?  And you really don't even have to be impaired to listen.  But, as always, that would not hurt.

MUSIC:  80s in 2011...  it's an epidemic  Vaccines:  "Post Break Up Sex." More heavy 80's influence from this group of English softies.  You can't help think of John Hughes movies and Alan Hunter, Nina Blackwood hearing this piece of pop candy.  Simple chords, succinct intelligible lyrics and goofy fun all wrapped up into one.  Only thing missing is Micheal Schoeffling and Anthony Michael Hall having a heart to heart after an all nighter.  Last Royals:  "Crystal Vases"  Another in a long list of New York hipsters with some attitude, fun and catchy guitars and grooves.  They play Bowery June 25th to promote their 5 song EP.  The Sounds:  "Something to Die For."  Live version.  This Swedish band has been around for a while.  Long story short:   Strip lead singer Maja Iversson of her blonde Swedish, tattooed charm and it would not matter.   It's the voice stupid.  And hers is strong as you can see by this live perfomance.  Bold keyboards and simple chords are also reminiscent of the 80s.  These days what isn't??  A Silent Film:  "Driven by Their Beating Hearts."  Live version.  Oxford, England 4 piece band that clearly has 80s inluences.  I hear some Level 42, ABC, hell even some Thomas Dolby in this track.  Temper Trap:  "Fader"  Forget for a moment that what you are listening to is an Asian/Austrialian lead singer...  if you can...  I just never knew they lived there?  Thought is was all knife wielding, khaki wearing blondes.  Anyway, good song by a good band.  She Wants Revenge:  "She Must be the One."  Jeez, such an 80s song.  More Mare Winningham meets Judd Nelson on a rainy, Chicago night.  Clearly an elevated train is involved.  This California duo has paid its dues and have a track here that demands your attention.

Finally,  Graffiti 6 "Stare into the Sun."  The perfect top down, blast off start to the summer.  Fun, brainless and without a hint of pretension.  Every summer needs one and here is hoping this is the Alt anthem of 2011. 

So let the hair down and hit the roads.  Jersey Shore?  Poconos?  Maybe an afternoon at a ballpark?  Cook out (s)?  Bout time we all let loose and enjoy some good weather and an optimistic attitude.  Happy Memorial Day folks. 

And special thanks to all those who serve and served.

Oh, and remind me to tell you about how much dentists suck next time...

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